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Fridge Repair

Top Causes of Frosting in Refrigerators and How to Fix It

By September 18, 2017October 19th, 2020No Comments

Frosting is a common problem affecting refrigerators in many households, and is generally one of the most popular reasons for appliance repair. Frost builds up inside the units when warm, humid air is rapidly cooled inside the fridge. It usually happens around the refrigerator’s evaporation coils or inside the freezer, when there is no proper flow of air.

Listed below are some of the causes of frosting, and how you can potentially fix it so that you avoid calling for fridge repair services:

Problems with the defrost cycle

Most of the fridges today come fitted with automatic defroster systems, which consist of a timer that detects when frost has formed, which then activates a heater to evaporate the frost on the coils. This is done in cycles, depending on how the fridge is being used, and the rate of the frost formation. Anything affecting the components of the defroster system is likely to impact its performance, and thus compromise its ability to evaporate the frost.

Air Circulation

If cool air is not allowed to flow property in the unit, frost may form when cold air comes into contact with warm and humid air. To prevent this from happening, the air vents should never be blocked, and also, the refrigerator should not be crowded or over packed with stuff.

Door problems

Problems with the door can also lead to frosting in the fridge. This will happen when the doors can’t close or are not sealed properly, thus allowing for air to infiltrate the compartments, which then lead to the formation of frost and ice. To stop this from happening, the doors of the unit should be closed properly to prevent any infiltration of air inside.

Faulty Icemaker

In some refrigerator models, warm air can access the compartments through the ice maker, if the flap of the seals are not closing properly. Check the flaps to ensure they are not broken, and are able to close in the right manner.

Watch out for the above, and you will minimize the amount of phone calls you make to your fridge repair technicians.

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