A noisy refrigerator can be very annoying. Not only this, but it is a sure pointer of a problem or an impeding breakdown of the fridge. Whenever you hear any strange noise from the unit, you should inspect it immediately to find out what is causing the noise, and then call for fridge repair services.

Here are some of the reasons why your fridge may be producing strange noises:

Problems with the condenser fan motor blade

The condenser fun circulates air over the condenser coils to remove heat contained in the refrigerant to cause cooling. In the absence of proper care and maintenance, the condenser fan blades may accumulate dirt and debris, which might then stop them from moving freely, thus resulting in the fridge performing noisily.

Faulty evaporator fan motor blade

If the noise appears to be coming from the freezer compartment, then the evaporator fan blades are likely to be the culprits. There are a number of things, which can cause these particular blades to become faulty, and these include but are not limited to the following: when the blades are old, and thus become loose, or due to defrost problems, which prevent the free flow of air inside the compartments. If your fridge has this problem, simply call for appliance repair services so that it can be checked and fixed quickly, before further damage is caused.

Old and washed out compressor

A good compressor in perfect working condition will yield very minimal noise. However, the noise increases with increased use, and a lack of regular servicing. It is usually an indication that the compressor has reached its sunset days, and it would be a good thing to replace it or perhaps to buy a new refrigerator. Regular care and maintenance by a competent fridge repair technician, may however prolong the life of the compressor.

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