Kenmore brand was sold exclusively in Sears retail stores. The brand has represented a significant portion of Sears’ major appliance sales for more than 75 years. As the home appliance brand of Sears, Kenmore and the department store are closely linked.

The Kenmore brand first appeared on a sewing machine in 1913. More than 100 years later, the brand is well known for its wide range of household appliances. According to Kenmore, approximately 1 in 3 American households own a Kenmore appliance. With so many families owning Kenmore appliances, you probably have one in your home.


What happens if your Kenmore appliance isn’t working properly? A broken appliance, such as a washing machine or refrigerator, can stress your family out, as dirty clothes and spoiled food accumulate. As appliance repairers, we are familiar with the Kenmore brand and have access to specialized resources to quickly repair your Kenmore appliance.

If your Kenmore appliances break down or stop working properly, don’t hesitate to contact us for our appliance repair services. Our team of qualified and experienced technicians will be able to help you and repair your Kenmore brand appliances.

We handle your Kenmore brand appliance repair. Contact us or call us now for an efficient repair of your Kenmore brand appliances.

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