Bosch appliances have helped to make daily life easier. As remarkably undemanding assistants, they have always met the highest demands of their owners. For about a century and a half, they have been performing countless tedious tasks in countless homes, simply to save us the time we need to improve our quality of life.

The 1980s brought a whole new lifestyle, with higher expectations than ever before for everyday living. Including for household appliances. The signs of the times were quickly recognized by Bosch, where a wide range of functions were soon combined in a single appliance. Not surprisingly, this was the first built-in stove with integrated microwave and multifunction oven and self-cleaning technology.

This company is constantly innovating and offers appliances with the latest technology. The appliances, which are designed to have a long life are all controlled before being put on the market. However, despite the reliability and quality of the brand, there is always the possibility that some appliances fail.

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