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Types of Appliance Repair Scams to Watch Out For

By September 23, 2017January 25th, 2021No Comments

Scams are rampant in the Canadian appliance repair industry to the extent that if you are not careful, it may cost you money, and there is a good chance that your appliances may get further damaged. It is, therefore, very important to know how to identify these scams a mile away, so that you don’t fall a victim.

Here are some of the common scams worth watching out for when it comes to appliance repair:

The Pay First Scam

Just as the name suggests, these scammers will demand you make an upfront payment before your appliance is repaired. Kindly note that this is not how the industry works. What ought to happen is that the technician should repair the appliance first, and then demand payment only after it is confirmed that your appliance is working correctly. If you make an appliance repair call and you are required to make any upfront payment, just know that you are dealing with a scammer.

The License Liar Scams

Some unscrupulous appliance repair technicians will lie about their qualifications just to get your business, if they happen not to fall in his line of specialization. This is why you should insist on seeing their licenses, so that you are certain they are competent to handle the job you have for them. The license liars will not be able to produce their licenses, and if that is the case, don’t allow them to touch your appliances.

Adding insult to injury

These types of scammers, within the appliance repair industry, will cause more problems to your appliances than existed before your service call. It normally happens when you leave the appliance repairman alone, and they get the chance to break something or breach something intentionally, and when you come back, they tell you that another part is also broken, which requires repair at additional fees. This is why you should never leave repair technicians alone with your appliances, unless you have worked with them before, and you trust them.

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