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If you are guilty of committing any of these sins against your appliances, then you should know that you are essentially flirting with a major disaster, not to mention the huge appliance repair bills you are likely to incur. Here are some of the things you are doing that are killing your appliances:

The washing machine

You are tossing in the clothes without checking the pockets for loose coins that may damage and jam the drum, leading to costly washer repair services as well as a hit in the machine’s performance.

You are also stuffing clothes to the brim, thus creating a lot of stress on the bearing which will then cause the drum to be out of alignment.

The Fridge

You don’t clean the coils regularly, thus allowing dust and debris to accumulate which will ultimately affect the proper functioning of the unit. You should have the coils cleaned at least twice every year.

The Dryer

You don’t empty the lint trap, thus allowing the lint to build up, increasing the risks of starting a fire which may lead to damages you wouldn’t want to think about.

The Dishwasher

You place sharp objects in the dishwasher and these will ding the vinyl coating of the racks, and when that happens, rust is bound to follow. If you have to place knives in the dishwasher, then let the sharp points face upwards.

You also place plates covered with food straight into the dishwasher. Large food particles will not just get stuck in the machine, but will also clog the drains and this will be the beginning of your problems with the dishwasher.

The Humidifier

You fail to clean the filters regularly, thus interfering with the efficiency of the humidifier.

The Oven

You leave spills inside the oven, and these end up damaging the heating coils. You can avoid this by simply wiping dow pn the oven every time you are done using it.

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