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Air Conditioning Repairs

Top Air Conditioning Repair Scams to Watch Out For

By May 14, 2018March 28th, 2023No Comments

Having a dead air conditioner in the middle of the summer can be dangerous. The hot weather and the humidity can do a lot of damage to your family members in terms of their health and this is why it is important to have your units checked by air conditioning repair services on a regular basis.

However, the industry is now riddled with fake professionals who are ready to make a quick buck when you need reliable services. It is vital to learn how to identify these fakes and their scams so that you don’t fall their victims. In that regard, here are the top air conditioning repair scams you should watch out for:

Imposter technicians

These are the lot who will pretend to be working for a non-existent company or they will impersonate employees of a real air conditioning repair and maintenance company. If you let them handle your unit and something goes wrong, they will never be liable and will always disappear very fast. To weed them out, ask them for their credentials and check that they are licensed to work in your specific area.

Refrigerant recharge scam

With this scam, the air conditioner repair technician will inform you that your unit requires more refrigerant and then they don’t perform any repairs on the unit. Air conditioning units never use up the refrigerant so that it may require more. If the refrigerant levels are low, then there is a leak which must be repaired.

Frequent AC tune ups

Routine repair and maintenance for air conditioners should be no more than once a year, unless there is a major breakdown. If a company or a repair technician schedules two or more site visits claiming to be coming for tune-ups, know that you are getting scammed. Don’t be too naïve and fall for this.

The mold scam

With this scam, when you call the air conditioner repair technician, they will claim to have discovered mold propagation in the air ducts and inform you that it needs to be removed right away. They will then charge a hefty fee to get rid of the mold. Be informed that the right people to remove mold are mold removal experts, who will begin by testing for the presence of mold and if then found, they exterminate it completely. Besides, you can’t see mold with your bare eyes.

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