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Nowadays, every home/office has heating and cooling systems. Air conditioners or more exclusively HVAC systems. They may provide you with comfort and ease. But sometimes, because of any internal problem or component they stop working. You get exhausted calling the service provider repeatedly and spending so much money on repairing it.

So it’s better to keep some tips in mind for better functioning of the HVAC system of your home.

Describe the HVAC system

The term HVAC means Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning. HVAC systems offer heating and dirt-free cooling services to buildings, offices, home, etc. Wherever you need to place it, it fits in very easily. HVAC takes fresh air from its surroundings and maintains the indoor environment clean and healthy.

What is the working process of HVAC?

The distinctive attribute of HVAC is, it doesn’t compromise the quality of air. The ventilation feature, removes the dust, smoke, and harmful gases from inside the building air. The HVAC system consists of nine main parts. Which work together to give you comfort. These parts should be cleaned & maintained regularly for effective working.

Types of HVAC

HVAC system has four subcategories and each one has its features. You might think HVAC at different places are the same. But in actuality, according to space and need, different types systems are placed.

• Split system

The frequently used and available category is a split system. It has a cooling function that stays outside of the home, while the heating function resides in the home.

• Hybrid system

The hybrid system is the same as split ones but the hybrid is cost-effective. They can run on both gas and electricity. It also consumes less or minimal energy. That’s why they are preferred by everyone.

• Duct-free system

This duct-free HVAC is expensive but in long term, it’s very beneficial. You can put it in whichever room and control the temperature accordingly.

• Packaged heating &air

In this type of HVAC system, air and heating units are stored on the top floor of the house. They are most effective for a small area.

Where is HVAC used?

An HVAC system is used and placed in any building, home, or industrial area. HVAC improves the quality of air and makes you feel comfortable. So you can use it at your workplace, whether it’s commercial or institutional. HVAC will give its best performance everywhere. Just maintain the components and keep them clean for efficient working.

Why and when do you need to repair/replace HVAC?

If you have maintained your HVAC system by regularly cleaning the parts and components. You also keep check and balance of the air filter. And have installed a thermostat but still, the HVAC is not working. Then, unfortunately, it’s time to call professionals to repair or replace the HVAC.
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Having an efficient HVAC system not only reduces the number of calls you make to air conditioning repair service, but also the amount of money you will spend on energy bills. The good news is that having your HVAC system working in top notch condition is relatively easy!

Here are some of the things you can do to keep your HVAC system in to condition:

Routine maintenance

This is the first step towards having an efficient HVAC system. Routine maintenance will ensure all the components of the system are in top form, problems will be identified before they occur and the system will be cleaned to ensure dirt, dust and other debris don’t interfere with its operations. This is a task that can be easily done by your local air conditioner repair experts.

Changing the air filters

Air filters prevent dirt, dust and other debris from accessing your home through the vents and the HVAC system. With time, they get dirty and clogged, and if not replaced, they will not just end up clogging the entire HVAC system, but may also lead to a myriad of health complications to the occupants of your home. Air conditioner maintenance experts recommend that the filters should be changed at least once every three to four months.

Install a Smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are designed to analyze and use your daily interactions around the house to provide the optimal temperatures needed. For instance, if you are not around the house for a major part of the day, the smart thermostat will make the system to reflect a more efficient temperature. It doesn’t make sense to use a lot of energy to cool the home when no one is around, and with the help of a smart thermostat, this can be easily monitored to lower the strain on the HVAC system.

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