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It is the recommendation of air conditioning experts that ducts be cleaned every few years to remove dirt and other debris which may cause the HVAC system to be less effective. A clean duct is vital for the smooth operations of the entire HVAC systems, and if you don’t want to run into a lot of trouble with your air conditioning units, then you have a reason to ensure that your ducts are clean at all times. Here are some of signs to let you know it is time to do some cleaning:

Unexplained increase in energy bills

If you energy bills keep increasing, but you are unable to explain why, then there may be leaks or clogs within the duct work that is causing a strain on the system to make it consume more energy. Air conditioning repair experts can inspect, clean and seal the ducts to improve the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

Visible presence of dirt and debris in the ductwork

It takes time for dirt and debris to accumulate in the ductworks to levels that they become visible. You should clean the duct even without seeing the dust, but when it reaches a point where you can easily see how dirty the ducts are, then it is imperative that it be cleaned immediately. Failing to do so, may cause a clogged and inefficient HVAC system, not to mention the allergies and other respiratory problems your family members may have.

Visible mold growth

This is always a concern when you live in an area with humid climate which easily promotes the growth of mold in closed spaces. Exposure to mold in homes leads to a myriad of health consequences, including respiratory problems, throat and eye irritation, and skin irritation amongst others. If you see mold growing in the duct work, you should contact an air conditioner repair technician or mold removal expert to come and end the infestation and clean the entire duct system as soon as possible.

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