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Fridge Repair

Signs It Is Time to Buy A New Refrigerator

By March 16, 2017October 19th, 2020No Comments

Refrigerators are usually designed to last for years. If you take good care of them, then you can enjoy using them for decades. But this is not to say that they can’t or won’t have problems. However, if you have had your unit for some time and you notice the following issues, it could signal the sunset days of the fridge, and unless you buy a new one, the services from your appliance repair technician may all be in vain.

Excessive condensation

If your fridge happens to be experiencing excessive condensation, then it may signify that something serious is amiss with the cooling components. Begin by checking the rubber sealing around the door to see if there is any water there. Also check on the inside component to see any signs of condensation. In normal cases, the temperature setting is the chief cause of this problem, but if it persists, then it is a sure sign that you need to get a new unit. Don’t waste more money on your appliance repair technician.

Food is spoiling rapidly

When you notice your food smelling or spoil before the days it normally would, then this is a sign of an imminent breakdown. If the fridge takes longer to cool the food, it is an indication that it is unable to maintain the correct temperatures and may be using more energy than necessary, leading to excessive energy bills at the end of the month. The prudent thing would be to dispose it and get a new one.

The fridge is not energy efficient

If you notice that your energy bills are becoming bigger and bigger in the recent past months, and your power consumption has not increased, an efficient appliance may be the root cause of that, with the refrigerator being one of them. If you determine that the refrigerator is the problem, you should think about replacing it with a more efficient one which will not eat away your energy bills.

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