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Fridge Repair

Avoid fridge repair with these 5 steps

By February 16, 2017October 19th, 2020No Comments

Cleaning is one of the best ways to avoid fridge repair. Service Servotech is convinced that by taking good care of your fridge, it will in return take care of your family’s needs. Here are several steps to follow if you want to avoid being in need for a technician for fridge repair:

Empty your fridge

The best way to clean your fridge is to empty it, for instance right before going to the grocery. First of all, you need to take all the food away, then the drawers and shelves.

Clean the shelves

The best way to clean the shelves is to take them out of the fridge. It will be easier and you’ll be able to reach all the areas, even the most hard-to-reach ones.

Clean inside the fridge

Don’t use household products or bleach…. Rather, you can mix warm water with vinegar. Also, use a new toothbrush for the seals and take out movable items to clean every area.

Clean outside the fridge

You can also clean outside your fridge using the product recommended in the instruction manual of your appliance. Remember to dust the condenser off and clean the grill to ease heat removal. This will halve the energy consumption of your fridge.

Plan ahead

Notice what caused damage and take action so that it doesn’t happen again. For instance, you can store the food in your fridge in a better way, avoiding overload and adjusting temperature. Be cautious with expired food as they contain bacteria that can hinder the quality of other food contained in the fridge.

Servotech is sure that by cleaning your fridge the good way, you can avoid calls to a technician for repair. However, we are always available to help you with home appliance repair in Montreal. Get informed as soon as possible on our fridge repair service in Montreal and always contact us regarding your requests.

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