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By being able to identify regular issues that lead to stove repair, you’ll be able to prevent them from occurring. Better safe than sorry is our belief at Servotech. This is also true for your home appliances repair in Montreal. This the reason why we’ll present you with the most common issues with stoves so that you can better identify them and avoid them.

A stove that won’t turn on

Most instances of a stove not turning on are due to the use of the wrong buttons. Read the instruction manual again to correct the problem. You can also try to activate the circuit breaker or replace it or simply unplug and reconnect your appliance. If this doesn’t work, the problem might be within the machine itself. In such cases, don’t hesitate to contact a technician for stove repair.

Too high a temperature

Many stoves were recalled because they would turn on spontaneously or would not turn off. This problem is very concerning because it requires help from a technician, but could also require emergency calls to firefighters and paramedics. Get information on which designs caused such problems and contact a technician as soon as you recognize its symptoms. In most cases, if the problem originates from the appliance itself, the manufacturer will send you a technician free of charge.

A hood that doesn’t ventilate

This problem is fortunately one of the easiest to solve as you’ll only need to clean your hood. Unplug the hood and take some time to replace or clean saturated filters. You can take this opportunity to clean the fan and check whether the vent is clogged or not. These actions are really important because without taking them, you could face a fire or significant damages to your stove. If you don’t really know how to proceed, a technician is always available to help.

Anyway, if the problem persists or if you have any questions, a technician specialized in home appliance repair is available to assist you via Service Servotech. Whether it is for reparation, spare parts or maintenance, we can supply you with the required resources at affordable prices. Get informed as of now on our electric stove repair service and contact us if you face any difficulty. We’ll always be there to help you find a solution.

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