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Home appliance installation service in Montreal, Laval, South & North Shore

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Service Servotech holds the title of Montreal’s finest home appliance installation services provider, establishing a benchmark for distinction and dependability. Our proficient technicians delight our customers with premium customer service while conducting every task flawlessly and competently. Regardless of whether it is installing a modern dishwasher or configuring an innovative refrigerator, Service Servotech assures that your new appliances will impeccably merge into your household setting with accuracy and attentiveness. When seeking exceptional kitchenware setup solutions in Montreal, choose Service Servotech as we confidently offer gratification and assurance to all clients.

Washer Installation

Dryer Installation

Dishwasher Installation

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Why Choose Us?

For All Appliance Repair

Call our technicians to help you installation your appliances anywhere in Greater Montreal, including Laval, South Shore, and the North Shore.

Affordable Prices

Service Servotech Appliance Repair offers you appliance repair at flat rates that include travel, diagnosis and repair labour. No suprises!

Professional & Qualified Technicians

Our technicians are trained to repair your home appliances.

Available 7/7

Our technicians are available 7/7 to serve you better and help you at any time with appliance repair and installations.

Served Locations

We serve you in Montreal, Laval, West Island, South Shore, and North Shore

Installation of household appliances of all kinds in Montreal

A top-tier installation provider in Montreal, Service Servotech distinguishes itself with its exceptional services focused on washers, dryers and dishwashers. Our team of proficient professionals guarantees seamless setup and uninterrupted usage for all patrons, making the entire process hassle-free.

Can you do appliance installation yourself?

Service Servotech takes great pride in being the foremost provider of appliance installation services in Montreal. Our team comprises adept professionals who ensure a smooth, streamlined and secure process tailored to fulfill our clients’ unique requirements and preferences.

Although individuals may attempt to install household appliances on their own, it is typically recommended that they do not. The installation procedure can be intricate and necessitate certain tools as well as technical know-how. Furthermore, there are potential hazards associated with incorrect installation such as safety risks or harm caused to your newly purchased appliance or residence.

Service Servotech is the ideal solution for the proper installation of your appliances in Montreal

Service Servotech stands as the premier choice for ensuring the correct installation of your appliances in Montreal.
Service Servotech’s proficient team comprises skilled experts equipped with the knowledge and equipment required to ensure a flawless and streamlined installation process. Our commitment to providing top-notch services guarantees your appliances’ peak performance right from their inception, regardless of whether you’re establishing a new residence or modernizing current devices. Undoubtedly, Service Servotech is Montreal’s favored service provider because of its focus on delivering excellence in quality while prioritizing customer satisfaction above everything else.