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Are you looking for your local dryer repair near me in Montreal and Laval? If so, then you have come to the right place. We know how frustrating a broken dryer is, and we want to help fix even the most difficult ones. We offer free estimates on most repairs, so call us any time!

Keep on reading the complete article to learn more about tumble dryers!

Why tumble dryers break: briefly about the design.

dryer repair montrealIf you are going to buy a tumble dryer, you should know about the design so that you will be able to choose a good one. You can learn when and how to care for a tumble dryer.

1. A drum in which clothes are placed.

A drum is used to hold the clothes and rotate them when they are in the tumble dryer. The drum can be made of metal or plastic and it holds water that steams clothes as they spin.

2. Engine.

The engine is the most important part of any dryer. And it’s very energy efficient because it uses no water to run, but it still needs air intake through the exhaust to operate properly. So why it is not made to work harder than most other machines out there? Well, because we think that if you’re going to use a dryer, it should be as simple as possible so that there’s less maintenance involved too.

3. Drive belt.

A drive belt is a rubber band that is driven around the roller, causing the water to be moved along the drum. These are easily damaged by anything that rubs on the belt and pushes it back in place, like wrapping a towel around the machine during drying or even just a worn-out belt.

4. Heating element (TEN).

The heating element is a part of the tumble dryer, which is responsible for heating the water to the right temperature which dries your wet clothes. The heating elements that are used in most tumble dryers can reach temperatures up to 450°C and higher.

5. Pump for pumping out condensate (evaporating liquid).

The pump is the heart of the dryer, so it must be durable. When the water gets to the pump, it hits a seal. The valve and seal are made from materials that are used for high-pressure applications as well, so they’re not going to be easily deformed by water pressure. The role of other components involves their ability to handle heat and moisture while remaining flexible.

6. Condensate collection container.

The condensate collection container collects the water condensation produced by the heating of the tubes in the dryer drum. The moisture that leaks from the towels, dripping wet clothes, and other fabrics is collected in this compartment. Furthermore, this usually helps to remove any leftover smell from your clothes before they get hung up in your wardrobe.

7. Lint filters.

Most modern dryers have lint filters to reduce lint build-up. Some models also include a filter underneath the drum that catches and holds lint, which is good for aesthetics but not much else. The bad news is that these dryers are often loud, dirty, and unpleasant to use. A clean lint filter can make a difference in your laundry experience

8. The most airtight doors.

The most air-tight door is the front door, which seems to be very thick, but there are a lot of options that are still air-tight. However, all of them use a rubber gasket on the inside of your door and around the frame, which helps seal out water and reduce noise as plenty of users report.

9. Sensors.

Modern washing machines use a sensor to determine when it’s done and turn it off based on how long the load took. As you can imagine, some of these sensors are too sensitive and will go off if the water heater trips or you pull out the wrong clothes.

10. Management bodies.

The design of a tumble drying machine is one of the most important factors. This is because the wrong design of a tumble dryer can cause it not to work, or makes the machine act improperly and cause problems for you.

Causes of dryer breakdowns.

Your dryer is a valuable appliance and can be expensive to repair if it breaks down. Look into the causes of dryer breakdowns so you can avoid future problems.

1. Violation of operating rules.

Violation of operating rules. It is not uncommon for a dryer to be damaged by a leaky water softener or the lack of water in its tank. When the tank is full and pressurized, it releases an excessive amount of pressure which causes a clog at the water inlet which then forces water backward and into other areas of the dryer.

2. Careless operation.

Careless operation is the largest cause of dryer breakdowns, accounting for 38% of all occurrences. This can be attributed to dryers that aren’t properly maintained. When they do not operate properly and are not fixed, there’s a greater risk of fire that could result in losses due to damage to goods or physical injury.

3. Poor care.

Dryer racks, belts, and rollers are constantly subjected to high temperatures and constant use. As the dryer ages, the parts wear down over time. The dryer can also develop a problem when the drum assembly is on or near the top dead center (the place in the drum where it is bottommost). For example, a tumbler may become jammed and prevent the turning of the shaft.

4. Natural wear and tear.

The drying cycle is subject to wear and tear just like any other mechanical component. As your washing machine ages, you’ll probably observe the evaporation pads needing to be replaced more frequently than they used to. The cause of these pads is deformation due to their elasticity, which weakens over time.

5. Factory defect.

Sometimes, it’s a part that breaks too early — in the machine itself. This is most often a problem with the heating coils inside the dryer drum. Because the dryers are designed to run continuously, if there is a manufacturing defect or other problem in its construction, this can cause a malfunction and break down as soon as it’s used up its warranty period.

Advantages of local dryer repair service with Service Servotech.

1. The operational departure of the master.

The operational departure of the master can be a critical event since it directly determines how well your washing machine will work and how much money it will cost you. After you install your new appliance, Service Servotech will make sure that it continues working properly even if there is a problem with the main disconnect in your house or apartment building.

2. Original spare parts.

Original spare parts. No need to change a complete set of components, just change specific parts and get rid of the broken ones.

3. Written Guarantee.

You can be sure you will get the best service from our local dryer repair service because we provide a written guarantee from every single professional service provider.

4. Repair on the day of application.

There’s no need to wait for hours or days for repairs, when it’s Service Servotech we give you quick and first-rate service. We are prompt for your service and pay special attention to the repair work done by the professionals and that makes our reputation strong.

5. High qualification of employees.

Our staff is certified for quality work with many years of experience. We have a very high qualification of employees and industry professionals, whose skills and talents will be a great asset to the operation.

How to order repairs? Contact Service Servotech.

washer repairIf you’ve lost the manual for your washing machine and don’t know how to identify a problem and looking for a local dryer repair service? Then contact Service Servotech.

Our trained technicians will diagnose the issue and provide free advice on any repairs needed.

We also do commercial laundry equipment repairs such as front loaders and washers.

Everything from slow drain pumps to faulty doors can be repaired by our qualified engineers.

We serve you in Montreal, Laval, West Island, South Shore, and North Shore.

Service Servotech is a full-service laundry and dryer repair shop located in Montreal, Laval, West Island, South Shore, and North Shore. Our experienced employees offer emergency installation, repairs, and maintenance of your home or commercial laundry equipment.

If you are looking for local dryer repair with safety and reliability, look no further than Service Servotech. Reach out to us by calling on 514-519-3161 for appliance repair service!


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