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Problems with your heater can come at the least expected times. Imagine needing a heat pump repair in the middle of a cold winter night! To say that it would be devastating is an understatement, and most homeowners would do everything they can so that they never have to find themselves in this situation. The good news is that there are several maintenance practices you can adhere to, which will ensure that your HVAC system not only works optimally at all times but also all potential problems will be detected and rectified in good time. Read below to learn about some of the maintenance tips you need to observe so that you avoid a myriad of heating repair problems.

Change the filters

Filters are out of sight, and as the saying goes, out of mind. Changing the filter is the easiest and one of the top recommended maintenance practices you can do to your heater to ensure it’s longevity and proper operation. With time, the filters trap lots of dust, dirt and other debris, which then goes ahead to hinder the free flow of air necessary for the optimal performance of the unit. With a clogged filter, the efficiency is compromised, leading to high energy bills and a likelihood of a breakdown. Unless you want to, you can change the filters to your HVAC units without a call to the heating repair experts in Laval & Montreal.

Clean your furnace

Cleaning your furnace is another regular maintenance practice you should observe if you don’t want to make a lot of unnecessary calls to repair technicians. Cleaning will help remove dirt, dust and any debris from the internal components, including from pulleys, belts, and the blower assembly. For cleaning, however, it is highly recommended that you call for professionals to help you out with the task. There are certain sensitive parts you may touch which might affect the operations of the furnace and only technicians know how to deal with them. The best time to clean your furnace is before the onset of the cold season.

Observe and listen

In most cases, there will always be some warning signs before your furnace or HVAC system finally breaks down, and you must be watchful with your eyes and very keen with your ears. Should you ever notice anything sinister in the operations of your system or you start getting sounds whose source you don’t clearly understand, take note and have a thorough inspection of the unit. Some of the things you have to watch out for include the presence of soot in the burner, hissing or cracking sounds, and if your smoke and carbon detectors in the house keep going on all the time. Be sure to call professionals should you notice any of the above.

Call for repairs immediately

You should never wait to call for repair services after you suspect that something might be wrong with your wall mounted heat pump or your furnace. Waiting longer will mean that you will allow the damage to increase, and in no time, it will turn into something bigger and serious that may require a lot of money to fix.

Don’t skip the recommended annual inspection

For most home appliances, and especially your heating system, it is always recommended that you call for annual inspection. These inspections are designed to get the system tuned up for proper operations during the year, and they are also to discover any potential problems that might arise in the future. Through the inspections, the entire system will be checked, repairs made and given a clean bill of health.

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