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Washer and dryer installation service near me in Montreal, Laval, South & North Shore

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Why choose us? Washer and dryer installation service near me

Your choice of washer and dryer installation service can greatly affect the durability and functionality of your appliances. At Service Servotech, we rise above the competition in numerous ways. Our adept technicians possess unparalleled knowledge to ensure meticulous and cautious appliance installations. Above all else, our focus is delivering customer satisfaction through customized solutions that cater to individual needs. With a strong reputation within Montreal’s community, we promise an easygoing installation procedure guaranteeing optimal value for your investment.With confidence in us at Service Servotech providing exceptional services which maintain trouble-free operations throughout one’s home will come with ease .


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Call our technicians to help you installation your appliances anywhere in Greater Montreal, including Laval, South Shore, and the North Shore.

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Service Servotech Appliance Repair offers you appliance repair at flat rates that include travel, diagnosis and repair labour. No suprises!

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Our technicians are trained to repair your home appliances.

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Our technicians are available 7/7 to serve you better and help you at any time with appliance repair and installations.

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We serve you in Montreal, Laval, West Island, South Shore, and North Shore

How to install a washer and dryer by yourself?

With a little planning and careful attention, installing a washer and dryer by yourself can be an achievable DIY task. Start by measuring the space allotted for both appliances to ensure proper fitment and ventilation. Afterwards, connect your washing machine’s water supply hoses accurately based on their corresponding hot or cold faucets while being mindful of securing them tightly. Additionally, make sure to attach the drain hose effectively towards a suitable drainage outlet before moving onto installation of your electric or gas-powered dryer. For an electric dryer, plug it into any 240-volt power outlets within reach; for its natural-gas powered counterpart- use sturdy new stainless steel connector lines when establishing attachment with existing pipelines as they negate potential leaks alongside assistance from manufacturer guidelines: which prescribe venting outdoors in accordance with local building codes whenever possible (to prevent carbon monoxide buildup). Lastly but most importantly; prioritize safety throughout this process so you may avoid injury due carelessness while consulting relevant manuals & rules set forth by manufacturers about appliance handling/installation thereinto adhering strict vigilance over all other instructions specified according regional regulations governing construction projects ahead-of-time!

Why hire a washer and dryer installation service in Montreal?

By seeking the assistance of a professional washer and dryer installation company located in Montreal, you guarantee that your newly acquired appliances are installed both correctly and safely. Experienced technicians possess the necessary knowledge to manage all required electrical and plumbing connections flawlessly, decreasing any chances of malfunction or danger. Furthermore, opting for expert setup can protect your warranty as some manufacturers demand certified technician installations to preserve their validity. By selecting a dependable service provider, not only do you benefit from an effortless appliance setup but also enjoy peace of mind knowing that there is no delay or worry involved in enjoying your new purchases fully.

Benefits washer and dryer installation service in Montreal

Service Servotech in Montreal offers professional washer and dryer installation services that come with various benefits. Choosing their skilled technicians allows for an efficient and effective appliance setup, giving you prompt access to the convenience of your appliances. One major advantage is cost-effectiveness; correct installations decrease future repair costs linked to poor set-up saving you money in the long run. Properly installed washers and dryers prevent mold growth thereby enhancing indoor air quality crucial to good health which makes this option healthy too! Opting for such services also promotes sustainability by improving overall energy consumption, leading towards preservation of our environment’s resources- making it eco-friendly as well! By guaranteeing excellent installation service standard from Service Servotech all over Montreal ,rest assured,your peace-of-mind comes first when setting up your washer & dyer system – perfect fit ensured!