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Appliances Repair in Montreal

We serve the following areas of Appliances Repair in Montreal:







Repair and installation of household appliances in Montreal:

Dryers, Washers, Dishwashers, Electric stove and oven, Air conditioners, Heat pumps, Electric furnace, Humidifier

Contact Service Servotech for appliances repair in Montreal

If you’re having issues with any of your devices, and that means any of them, contact us. Service Servotech has the staff, capabilities and equipment to handle any type of device and problem they face. So no matter what’s bothering you, don’t let it frustrate you. Pick up the phone and type Servotech Service in the search bar. You will find all the details. And appliance repair services in Montreal will be on the way.

Appliances Repair in Montreal Rates

Appliance Repair

Our fixed price includes travel, diagnosis. Following the initial $119.99 payment, there is a $40,00 labour fee per job. Above rates do not include sales tax.

Air Conditioning Repair

One hour of labour. Following the initial $249.99 payment, there’s a $100/hr fee for each additional hour. Above rate does not include sales tax.

Air Conditioning Installation

Following initial $249.99 payment, there’s a fee of $2980 for 12000 BTU and a fee of $3080 for 18000 BTU. Above rates does not include sales tax.

Maintenance & Air Conditioning Professional Cleaning


Above rate does not include sales tax.

Appliance and Air-conditioning Repair Technicians Servicing in Montreal

Appliances play one of the most important parts in our daily lives. We have become dependent on them. Imagine starting your day without a toaster, coffee maker, blender or stove.

And these are just kitchen essentials. What would it feel like if your dishwasher breaks down when you have to finish the dishes before leaving for carpool?

The point is, that we are living in an era of technology. We cannot live without electrical appliances. God knows what the future holds for us. But still, we are relying too much on machines like washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, and more. These are a few of the basic needs of our lives.

So, what happens when one of them stops working out of the blue? It ruins your day, and you get annoyed. All the tasks on your to-do list seem to be left behind and you get a pile of dishes or clothes in case your dishwasher or dryer breaks Don’t worry; we have a solution to all your problems. Keep reading.

What is an appliance repair service?

Appliances do not always work the same. Everything might functions perfectly at first, but mashines get old and worn out over the time. This rule applies to human beings too. We don’t always function the same. Just like us, the appliances and gadgets in our home can also act funny sometimes. And that mostly happens after you have used them for several years.

Whenever something like this happens, it means that you need to repair or replace the appliance. For that, you can seek professional help from Service Servotechs sertified technicians.

Service Servotech is an appliance repair service, which means that we fix home appliances that stopped working due to some reason. If it means replacing the broken part of the machinery, or just a cleanup required. It is our job to find out the problem and acknowledge you about it, whether it is worth fixing or not. But in the end, the decision is yours.

Whenever something in your house doesn’t function properly, you don’t take it seriously until it stops working at all. It is better to address the problem in the early stage, but sometimes it’s not possible. Don’t worry, if your air conditioner is out of gas, or your dishwasher is all clogged up, or your dryer doesn’t dry, all you need to do is reach out to appliance repair service Montreal.

Is it better to repair or replace appliances?

Because if the appliance repair service is best at doing their job, then they could make your repaired product last longer than the cost of repairing.
So, is it better to repair or replace appliances? It always depends on the product and the issue you are working with.

It could be something as small as a thermostat that needs to be fixed and you are all set. No need for a new product just now. Before you make any decisions about your appliances, make sure to get them cheked by professionals.

Avoid DIY methods:

Being good at multiple things is a good thing. You need to know to multi-task inorder to handle most of your tasks by yourself. But it doesn’t mean that you should try doing everything on your own. Some matters require professional assistance. And when it comes to electrical and mechanical issues. Why should avoid DIY appliance repair? Here are a few potential risks of DIY appliance repair:

• Making things worse

While trying to repair things on your own is that you could end up doing worse than good. Most of the time you don’t know what is wrong with your appliance. Sometimes when you think you know what’s the issue, it is not always true. You might oversee the big hidden problem while addressing a minor issue that’s prominent. And in that case, you can make things worse by causing more damage to your appliances.

• Compromised safety

When it comes to electrical appliances, various things can go wrong, ending up risking your and your family’s safety. So when you touch the machinery of your appliances, make sure that you know what you are doing, if not, don’t do it. You can cause a damage to your appliances and your property.

• Lack of professional equipment

There is a reason why professionals should be called in for each matter. Like a plumber, electrician, or carpenter, there are multiple reasons why you should only call professionals for resolving issues with your appliances. They have complete equipment, knowledge, and experienced staff. They know how to do their job and with what tools. You might not have complete and professional equipment for that task that needs to be done. So, call Service Servotech for the best appliance repair services in Montreal.

• Extra time and money

Spending a lot of time on something that doesn’t stand a chance, just so you can save a few bucks is not worth it sometimes. you could end up frustrated, annoyed, and without a solution. It would just make things difficult for you. Spending more time and effort means spending even more money in case you damage it more than it already is. So, don’t try DIY methods for your appliances.

Call an expert for your appliance repair needs

Before handling any issue or trying anything new. If you are an engineer, you might not be able to understand the science of astrology. If you are an IT expert, you wouldn’t know about handling anything else much than computers. So, everyone has the expertise that defines them. And not everybody is a plumber or a technician. It is mentioned that you shouldn’t stress out about the damaged or faulty appliances in your house.

Technology has paced up and made our lives easier. But these are machines that can stop working or pop an error anytime. But it doesn’t mean that you will be able to fix everything. If it’s not your genre then simply find someone who can do the job perfectly. It is important to call an expert for your appliance repair needs because it is better than making your life more difficult by causing more damage to your goods and wasting more time. Because once we are used to gadgets, we cannot spend a day without them. So, when an appliance goes wrong in your house, all you need to do is reach out.

Here are the appliances that we repair, install or maintain:

You don’t have to be concerned about appliances in your home because Service Servotech is at your service. We provide everything that you need regarding appliances in your home. And that means everything. If you have a dryer that’s not heating enough to dry clothes or you need a new washing machine installed, or it could just be a clogged dishwasher that needs to be cleaned and maintained, we will do it. All of it, and you just need to give it a call.

We don’t just repair, we install, service, and maintain them for you as well. All the appliances we offer our services for:

Clothes dryer, Washing machines, Kitchen gadgets like stoves and dishwashers, Cooling units, Electrical humidifiers

And more

All these appliances mentioned above are must-haves. You need all of them to ease your daily life. And when any of them break down then it needs to be fixed on point. And for that, we provide our service.

Why do people choose Service Servotech for appliance repairs in Montreal?

Service Servotech is one of the best in Montreal. You can visit our website for more details so you know how we work. We make sure to provide efficient and effective services at affordable prices. Mentioned below are a few more reasons why people choose us:

We can fix almost any issues

Our specialty is that we can address any issue that you don’t even think needed to becheckod. We have trained and experienced staff that can precisely fix any issue that can cause your appliance to stop working.

We explain and show how to prevent issues

We do not just fix the issue; we also make sure to let you know how it happened. We guide our clients about precaution and prevention. We provide a set of guidelines to our clients so that next time they know things to keep in mind, to prevent the problem.

We provide excellent services

We know what to do and how to do it. We provide excellent services so that our clients don’t have to call for professionals again and again spending a lot of money. It’s like a one-and-done.

Quality work and reputation

We have gotten this far with honest and quality services to our clients. This is why we have a pretty good reputation and we are planning to maintain it in future as well.

Best support

If you need any assistance, you can call us to inquire. You don’t have to just call in for our services. It is your right to be completely satisfied before you hire Service Servotech to get your job done. We provide the best support so you don’t have to suffer with pathetic assistance when you are in desperate need of appliance repair service in Montreal.

5-star service record

We take pride in our a 5-star service record which witnesses our performance and the quality of our services. Whenever you are going to try something new, whether it is going to be worth it or not. We are not saying that you should blindly trust us, but just looking for a good rating when picking a new restaurant to eat at, take a look at our rating too. You will get to know why we have a 5-star service record.

Licensed repair of all brands

We provide licensed repair for all brands. We do not just serve any specific company. Whatever brand you prefer for your electrical appliances, we will serve you. We will try and fix whatever the issue is, regardless of the brand. We have licensed and authentic spare parts from different brands so you shouldn’t worry about the genuine product when something needs to be replaced in your appliance.

Our Technicians Serve the Greater Montreal Area for your Appliance Repair and Installation in Montreal.

Our appliance repair technicians are available 7 days a week in Montreal to help you with your appliance repair or installation!

An indication that you need a dryer repair service, is having to run two cycles for your clothes to dry. Or, you might need a washer repair service because your washer is not draining properly.

Your dishwasher may not be draining, or you’re still finding crumbs and food on your dishes.

Your oven or stove might not be turning on, and that can really impact your day.

To avoid any further inconvenience, just give us a call and we’ll send a professional and certified technician your way within 24 hours.

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