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Our daily lives have become dependent on technology and gadgets. And the truth is, that we can no longer spend a day without them. We are so dependent on technology to complete our daily chores, that if one of them crashes, our whole day is ruined. With the busy life everyone has these days, it is important to have all these appliances up and running daily. But after all, they are just machines, meaning they can malfunction at any moment.

Having a dishwasher, washing machine, dryer and all other appliances at home means they need maintenance too. Yet even with proper care, they can still stop working at times. There could be several reasons behind these issues, and we are going to dig into that later. The question is, how should you act if you are faced with such a problem at home? What can you do if your washing machine breaks? Keep reading to find out!

What is wrong with your washing machine?

Réparateur de laveuse à domicileIt can be scary when something goes wrong with your washing machine. Without a washing machine, it would be hard for you to manage chores throughout the day. You might have never even realized the importance of your washing machine before it breaks down. If you want to avoid further inconvenience, then you should figure out what the issue is with your washing machine. This will let you know if you can easily fix the issue by yourself or if you need professional assistance.

Here are a few problems that can normally pop up in a washing machine:

Loud machine

Washing machines normally make some noise when they are working. But if you hear something abnormal, like a thumping sound, then that could be cause for alarm. Take a look inside the washer, there might be a coin or something metal clinking that was accidentally thrown in with the clothes. Check to see if the load is balanced as well, if not there could be an issue with your machine’s drum.

Moves a lot

If your washer is vibrating a lot more than usual, then take a look inside, maybe your clothes aren’t distributed evenly making the machine imbalanced and hence the movement. If the issue persists there could be some more serious problems. The machine might have damaged jumps and needs a new gearbox.


Are there water puddles in your laundry area but you don’t understand why? Something’s wrong! It could just be a loose drainpipe. But it could also just be wear and tear after years of
use. Sometimes it could be worse, it’s always best to have an expert take a look at the machine to make sure.

Refuse to turn on

Your machine just doesn’t start one day when you put clothes in and try to turn it on. Check the power cable and electric socket that it’s plugged into. If the supply is fine, then it might be the power cable of your washing machine or some wire inside your machine that is disconnected. It’s best to get professional help because electrical issues are dangerous to solve on your own.

Cycle issues

If the machine can’t complete any cycles, it could be due to multiple issues. Like having overloaded the drum, there being something stuck in the drainpipe, or the gearbox being out of form. You might be able to resolve the issue if it’s something simple and easy to spot, however call the experts if the repair becomes too complicated.

Is it okay if I try and fix my washing machine on my own?

In most cases the answer is no, it’s best to leave the work to professionals with experience. If you don’t understand what’s going on with your machine, then attempting a washing machine repair at home could do more harm than good. There’s always a risk factor when handling technical components so call in for a certified technician instead of working on the machine yourself.

Should I get my washing machine fixed, or get a new one?

Yes, it is worth repairing your washing machine, you can always call to get an estimate on how much it would cost to repair it. If it is a minor issue that doesn’t require expensive parts, then it’s worth repairing your washing machine. However, sometimes when the washer is too old and parts are harder to find, the machine might not be worth repairing, but it is still best to get a professional opinion in that case.

Find the expert

It is always recommended to find a professional technician with experience because they know exactly where to look for the problem and what to do about it. You can always take a look at your machine to see if the problem is simply on the surface level or if it’s deep within the machine. If things get out of hand, then don’t try to be a hero because you might make things worse, call the experts.

What’s the expense of getting your washing machine fixed?

Servotech Washer dryer repairIt depends hugely on the issue. Starting from a minor problem to a huge one, washing machine parts can cost you as low as $50 and as high as $300. The technicians will always give you an estimate.

Need to repair your washing machine? Find a technician near me

If you are looking for washing machine repair at home, then you need to find a technician in your area who can come right away to fix your problem. You can reach the right person by:

Asking friends and family

An option would be to ask your relatives and friends near you if they have experienced such a thing before. They might already know a good technician who can help with your problem.

Local press

You can also seek help from the local press because there are always people available who provide professional repair services.

Online search

The best scenario, which gives you many options to chose from would be to search online for washing machine technicians near me.

Contact by phone

After finding numbers for different home repairers or technicians near you. Contact them on phone and find out if they can help and which one is the right fit for you.

Getting fast results with Service Servotech

If nothing else seems reliable and quick to you, then you can always look to Service Servotech for help. We are always available to resolve your issues. You can reach out to us anytime, any day of the week. It’s best to call as soon as you discover an issue because you wouldn’t want to let your washing machine stay broken for a long time. Service Servotech believes in providing dependable, quick, and effective solutions to their clients because they deserve the best.

Service Servotech:

Our company offers services in the greater Montreal area. We are not just bound to one location. So, you don’t have to worry about any appliance repair if you live anywhere around:
West Island
South shore
North shore

Contact service Servotech:

Service Servotech is a dependable company with a lot of qualified members who work professionally to solve problems. We provide appliance repair services to any of our clients who are in trouble. We know that it is near impossible to survive without home appliances for long. So, you can even contact us on weekends, we’ll send you a technician as soon as possible. No need to worry anymore if your washing machine doesn’t start or starts making scary noises. Just give us a call and we’ll be there to resolve the issue while also providing a long-term solution with affordable rates.

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