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As far as we are concerned about technology, it has made our lives fast-paced, and sometimes it’s even hard to move along. These gadgets like mobiles, laptops, and other techs are making us feel ruined and addicted. And yes, they are, somehow. But at the same time, we cannot live without tech at the moment. There is hardly anything in our house that isn’t tech-oriented. And this is why we cannot live without technology. We are dependent on machines for almost all our tasks.

We are always busy and have tons of things to do in a whole day. And along with that, what happens if you have no tools to clean up, do laundry and cook? It means, you have to do everything manually, and then what? 24 hours a day can be a lot less for all these tasks. Honestly speaking, we can’t survive, if things go like that. And why should we? If we have all the things, we when for our daily life chores. So, we could get some time for ourselves and our families. And not just gadgets, one of these necessities of life includes washing machines and clothes dryers.

What is the lifespan of a clothes dryer?

1Are you looking for cloth dryer repair services near you, right now? If you are, don’t worry, we are here to help. You can always rely on Service Servotech for the repair of your appliances. But let us guide you a little bit through the usage of these machines.

Household appliances play a significant role in keeping your house maintained, cleaned, and organized. Because, if you have to do everything on your own, how hard would it be? You can’t even think about it. These appliances not only make your lives easier, but they also contribute to keeping you stress-free as you don’t have to stress over laundry, or house cleaning all the time. You can do it all in little time and save rest for yourself.

We are here to talk here about clothes the dryers. Appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, and clothes dryers are all machines. And they could stop working anytime, sometimes it may just be a broken or burned wire or lost connection. But you never know, when we issue it is bigger than that. Keep in mind that everything has an average lifespan. And that doesn’t even mean that they won’t ever need a repair or cleaning before a certain lifespan too.

The average lifespan of a clothes dryer is somewhere between 10-15 years. But, the average lifespan of a clothes dryer depends on various factors like the usage, cleaning and maintenance, brand of the dryer, and all. So, when you are using these things, make sure to be careful about maintenance and cleaning too.

What is the most common cause of clothes dryer failure?

If your clothes dryer has completed an average lifespan, it could start giving you trouble. If you think your dryer broke way before it should have, then you need a professional, to look into it for you. So what are the most common causes of clothes dryer failure? Let’s take a look:

Tripped breaker:

You turned your clothes dryer off, after getting your clothes done. And the next day, when you tried to turn it on again, it simply didn’t. What could be the reason, when you shut it down just fine yesterday? It could be a tripped breaker for starts. But there might be some other reasons that your dryer won’t start, which include a broken cord or faulty door switch. Either way, it is best to have the work to the Professionals.

Blown fuse:

If your clothes dryer isn’t drying the clothes properly, leaving them wet or damp, then it means your thermal fuse has blown. A thermal fuse is put in to prevent fire or any other harm caused by overheating. When your dyer seems to be heated, the fuse can trip. Early which could make your appliance work improperly.

Glides might be broken:

Another common problem that could make you need a clothes dryer repair is broken glides. There is a drum inside the body of your clothes dryer, and around that drum are small plastic pieces, that are known as glides. They stop your dryer’s drum from bumping. But, over time, these glides could get broken due to continuous usage, and that can make your dryer’s drum bump and make thumping noise. Call professionals if your dryer is making a lot of noise.

Faulty thermostat:

The thermostat of the clothes dryer works just like any other thermostat. The purpose of a thermostat is to keep the temperature of the dryer under control. And if it is not working, then your clothes won’t dry completely.

Heating element broke:

Just like its name, a heating element H051 common is responsible for heating the air inside the dryer’s drum. And when it is broken, it won’t let the dryer work effectively, leaving clothes to wot.

Are clothes dryers worth repairing?

Yes, the clothes dryer repair cost is much less than buying a new one. You can say, if there is an average repairing cost of $100 on a $400 dryer, then it is still way better to get it repaired instead of buying the new one right away.

The clothes dryer has nothing complicated in it. It is an elementary machine with a drying process, as simple as it could be. Just a motor, that could last for ages, a heating element, and a thermal fuse for safety purposes. And if any of these stop working, no need to worry, they are easily and affordably replaceable. So, before you throw your clothes dryer in a junkyard, make sure to get it examined for the issue first.

Is it cheaper to fix a clothes dryer or buy a new one?

Most of the time, it is just the small parts like the belt, fuse, or thermostat, all of which are cheap. Then there is no need to get rid of your old dryer for a new one.

Fast clothes dryer repair service near me – Service Servotech

dryer repair montrealYou don’t have to worry about finding “clothes dryer repair near me”, because Service Servotech is always at your service. We make sure to satisfy our clients with quick and affordable repair service. So, do not hesitate to call us.

Service Servotech have certified and licensed professionals, who know how to repair your household appliances and install new ones. We also have access to factory-certified parts, so no need to worry about the quality of repair service and parts provided by us.

What does the average clothes dryer repair cost?

The average clothes dryer repair cost starts from somewhere around $50, and it could be as much as $400. But you can it know for sure until you have an idea about the actual issue of your dryer, for which you need professional advice.

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