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It is always frustrating to learn that your dishwasher is not working when you need it the most. There are many reasons why your dishwasher may not start or even work properly, and it is vital that you identify some of them so that you know what to do if you are faced with such a scenario. Here is a brief look at some of the probable causes why your dishwasher may not be working.

Problems with the power supply

The very first cause of your washer not working has to do with the power supply. Start by checking if the machine’s power cable is plugged in properly and that the cable isn’t showing any signs of damage.

Once this is confirmed, check that the power switch is in the “ON” position before trying to power on the washer. If the problem was related to the power supply, then fixing the above should get the washer working again.

Issues with the door latch switch

The door latch switch could be another reason why your dishwasher may not be working. Remember, the waterworks can only begin inside the washer if the door is sealed shut. The latch switch knows when the door is sealed properly and, if it has any issues, the door is not going to seal properly and the machine is not going to run.

Some of the potential problems you can run into here include a jammed latch, problematic child latch, or a broken latch. Since you may not easily find your way around the switch, it may be a good idea to call for a dishwasher repair technician to come and give your washer a thorough inspection for issues with the door latch switch.

Problems with the control panel

Your dishwasher’s control panel consists of a mini-computer, settings, and buttons housed inside the door which are responsible for controlling the wash cycles. It is like the engine of the washer, and in case of any problems, the washer isn’t going to work at all, or will work while experiencing issues.

The best source for diagnosing a problem with the control panel are the dishwasher repair Montreal technicians. If you have tried to solve the problem yourself and failed, and you suspect the problem to be control panel-related, be sure to call these technicians as soon as possible.

Problems with internal components

Problems with certain vital internal components such as the motor start relay, the thermal fuse, and the drive motor all have the potential of preventing your washer from working. Again, with the nature of these components, it is best for you to call a dishwasher repair Montreal technician to come to check out the problem and propose the ideal solution.

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