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Not only are dryer fires a danger to your dryer, they also risk starting home fires. Statistics by the National Fire Protection approximates that washing machines and dryers cause nearly 15,000 home fires annually, and 93% of these are attributed to dryer fires.

This may be startling, but the truth is that dryer fires are common. Thankfully, they are also easy to prevent. To know how to effectively prevent them, it is imperative that you learn about some of their common causes so that you know what to do should you run into one. Here is a brief look at some of them.

Electrical and mechanical failures

Of all the reported dryer fires, the majority of them are normally a result of mechanical and electrical failures. Faulty wiring, damaged mechanical parts, and lack of proper maintenance leading to mechanical breakdowns all have the potential of starting fires inside the dryer.

Therefore, ensure that your dryer is electrically and mechanically sound to prevent the occurrence of fires occasioned by electrical and mechanical failures.

Dirty lint filters and vents

If you are operating your dryer but you can’t remember the last time you changed your filters or cleared the lint, then you risk having a dryer fire soon. When the vents, filters, and ducts become clogged with dust, dirt, and other debris, they make it easy for fires to start because such materials are easily flammable at the kind of temperatures that the dryer usually operates on.

Apart from the lint filters, the vents outside can also get clogged, hence, restricting the proper flow of air, opening the door for even more hazardous conditions. This is why it is vital to ensure the lint filters as well as all the vents are clean and cleared of any debris that may be blocking.

Not using the dryer as recommended by the manufacturer

Certain dryer fires are also occasioned with improper use of the dryer. This simply means that the fires are caused due to using the dryer outside the guidelines recommended by the manufacturer. This may include overstuffing the dryer, running the dryer for excessive rounds, and trying to use the dryer with materials such as rubber, plastics, and foam which are generally not ideal for use inside a dryer.

For example, tossing a bathmat with rubber back into the dryer is not recommended, and this could be a potential cause of dryer fire.
The above are some of the top causes of drier fire. Watch out for them to ensure you avoid unnecessary fires as well as all the associated risks of starting a home fire out of the dryer. You can still call a dryer repair technician now!

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