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Problems with your stove may mean that you won’t have your meals on time, or you may have to eat something cold.

There are various reasons that may make your stove not working properly, and as a responsible owner, it is vital for you to know some of these reasons so that in case of a malfunction, you already know where to check before you decide to call for appliance repair services.

Down below is a brief overview of some of the main reasons why your electric stove may not work as well as probable troubleshooting you should consider if you want to get it up working again.

Problems with the electric outlet

Electric stoves are usually connected to a dedicated electric outlet. If there are any problems with the electric outlet, then it means that the stove will be cut off from the main power source and as such, none of the heating elements will fire up.

Therefore, if you try to operate the stove, but no heat seems to be coming out, the first place you need to check is the electric outlet to see if all is well with it. If the electric outlet is okay, then check the range circuit breaker and ensure that it is set to the ON position.

If the outlet is okay and the circuit breaker is also set to the ON position but the stove is still not picking up any heat, try plugging it into a different outlet, and if nothing still happens, then it may be necessary to call for an appliance repair Montreal expert to come and have a look at it.

You have switched on a different heating element

There are instances when you have placed a pan on the heating element and fired it up, only to realize that your pan is not getting heated. When you experience that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something wrong with your pan. It could be possible that you fired the wrong heating element.

In most cases, this is not a problem that requires the attention of an expert, since once you have noticed your mistake, all you have to do is switch your pan to the element you switched on, or simply switch off the wrong element and switch on the right one.

You are using the wrong pans on the heating elements

If there are occasions when you have noticed that your food is not heating up evenly, then the culprit may not be the stove or any of its heating elements, but the pan you could be using. If your pan doesn’t have a flat bottom and a diameter that fits that of the heating element, then it is likely that your food is not going to cook evenly.

Also, the materials used in making your pan may be another reason why your food may not be heating evenly. For example, pans coated with ceramics and stainless steel are known to heat food unevenly and may sometimes leave unwanted marks on the surface of the range. Pans with thick bases, however, are excellent in heating food evenly. Should you change pans and realize that the food is still not heating evenly, then the heating element could be the actual problem, and you may have to call for appliance repair in the South Shore, North Shore or Montreal technicians to have a look at it.

Problems with the infinite switch

The infinite switch in electric cookers is what helps you set precise temperatures for your cookers, and this kind of control is normally one of the reasons why people go for these kinds of cookers. However, there are instances when you simply cannot control the temperature settings properly.

When you are unable to adjust the temperature as you wish, then it means that you can’t take full advantage of your cooker. One of the reasons that may cause this problem is a malfunctioning infinite switch.

Most of the time, the switch is connected to the dial responsible for regulating the power levels. When it becomes faulty, one or more settings of the temperature level may not work. This is a rather technical problem, and the best solution would be for you to call for an appliance repair technician to come and do the necessary troubleshooting and repair.

Defective control switch

When you have a defective control switch, then the indicators on your cooktop may not light up at all. Most of the modern electric cooktops usually come with various indicator lights or some other forms of electric displays to give you more information about operating the cooker.

Whenever any of the indicators is not lighting up, then you may not get the right information from the cooker or you may get misleading information that may lead to further problems down the line. If you notice that the indicator lights are not turning on, then the culprit is likely to be the control switch.

This is the switch responsible for powering these features, and any malfunction on it will make the features to not work properly. If this is the problem you are experiencing, then you may need to call your appliance repair technician to resolve it. This is not usually a major problem, and can always be fixed by replacing the indicator switch or the affected components.

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