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When the snow starts melting in late March, we all know that the heat and humidity are just a couple of weeks away. This is not to say that the cold season is completely gone, but it is a good time to prepare for the upcoming changes in weather to ensure that your comfort and that of your loved ones is not compromised in any way. This is the time when wise homeowners will call for HVAC professionals to have a look at their air conditioning systems to offer the necessary tune-ups and maintenance so that they will be ready when they will be needed the most. Read below to discover why spring air conditioning maintenance is such an important practice.

Secures your comfort when you’ll need it the most

The last thing you want is for your air conditioning unit to break down in the middle of the hot months when you need it the most. It is true that you may get air conditioning repair services during the summer, but you will not only experience a great deal of personal inconvenience but also you are likely to pay more for the repairs and the maintenance. A better way to avoid finding yourself in such situations is to simply call for spring air conditioning maintenance to avert all the potential problems you may run into when the hot months set in. In this manner, you will have guaranteed your comfort throughout the months, and you won’t have to worry about sudden breakdowns.

Improve the efficiency of your air-conditioning unit

A poorly maintained air conditioner is not only a breakdown in waiting but also an expensive affair.  It is imperative that you have your system operating optimally to serve you best and also to help you keep the energy bills low. There is no better way to ensure this than resorting to regular care and maintenance, with spring air conditioning maintenance being a great route to ensure that. During a typical spring air conditioning maintenance, the following system components will be checked to ensure that they are okay-:

  • The capacitor levels – think of capacitors as short term batteries used for storing energy for the air conditioning system. With regular use or lack of action, the capacitor levels are likely to go down. And, with weak capacitors, the compressor is always at risk – damage that may result in costly repairs or a new replacement. With spring maintenance, the appliance repair technicians will check to see if the capacitors are okay, and if not, they will have them replaced to improve the unit’s efficiency.
  • Air filters – with time, the air filters get clogged and may “choke” the system. When the filters are clogged, they will add unnecessary load to the system, which may then lead to more energy consumption as well as increased risks of breakdowns. That is why the filters ought to be changed during every inspection.
  • Refrigerant levels – it is vital for the air conditioner to have the recommended refrigerant levels – no more, no less. Low levels of the refrigerant may be an indication of a leak within the system. With spring air condition maintenance, the air conditioning repair Montreal, Longueuil experts will determine if there are leaks and have them repaired for the proper functioning of the unit.
  • Condensate drain – the condensate drain also has to be cleared during spring air conditioner maintenance. The drain must be clear for the system to work properly because when clogged, it is likely to cause the unit to shut down, and in case of an overflow, it is likely to damage other parts of the system, leading to more expensive repairs.

Avoid potential future breakdowns

Through spring maintenance, the Samsung air conditioning installation and repair experts will discover potential problems that might have arisen in the future and offer the proper mitigation measures to ensure that they don’t become a real threat. This will not just uphold the integrity of the system, but also will save you valuable time and money that would have been used in the repair.

Prolong your unit’s lifespan

Air conditioning units don’t come cheap. It is not prudent to neglect yours to a state of despair that the only solution is to go for a new one. By regular care such as spring air conditioning maintenance, you help prolong your unit’s life so that it can operate optimally and serve you for long. An air conditioner is a significant investment, and you should  do everything within your power to make it serve you as long as it possibly can.

To ensure the warranty is not voided

You may be confident that no matter what happens to your air conditioning unit, you don’t have to worry provided that you are still under warranty. But you need to realize that the manufacturer’s warranty will offer protection only from factory faults. If your unit breaks down because you haven’t been doing regular inspection and maintenance, then the warranty may be voided and you will have to dig deep into your pockets in case of any breakdowns.

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