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The holiday season means heightened activities around the home. You are likely to be receiving visitors, doing a lot of extra cooking, and since most people are likely to be around the home, it is a busy time for your appliances as well. With ill preparation, the increased activities can take a toll on the appliances, compelling you to spend more on appliance repair in Montreal. As such, it is vital to know how to take good care of your appliances during the holidays so that you don’t have to spend a lot in after-holiday repairs or even have to buy a new one. Here are a few tips on how to keep your appliances in top condition during the holiday period.

Washer maintenance tips during the holidays

Your washer and dryer are some of the hardest working appliances in your home, and with the holidays, they are bound to receive a “beating” from the heightened activities. This is the last thing you want breaking down because a breakdown always has the potential to disrupt the entire daily routine of the family. To keep this appliance in top condition during the holidays, observe the following-:

Run full loads – this is a common maintenance practice that you ought to observe at all times and not just during the holidays alone. It will not only help you to cut down on energy costs but you will also reduce how often you use the washer, hence, reducing instances of breakdown and increasing the machine’s longevity.

Empty the pockets before loading the washer – not emptying your pockets before doing the laundry can be very harmful to your washer. Culprits such as paper money, coins, credit cards, gum, and tissues may end up clogging the washer drain. This will not only lower the washer’s efficiency but may also lead to serious breakdowns, calling for expensive washer and dryer repair services. Besides, such items in your pockets can also mess up your clothes with unwanted coloring, making you stop using that piece of clothing forever.

Clean the lint trap after every load – Since the holiday comes with a lot of laundry activities, cleaning the dryer lint trap after every load is crucial. Always remember that everything you put in the dryer will make some lint, and if this is not removed, a buildup will hinder proper airflow, which may, in turn, result in a dryer fire. Therefore, ensure that the lint trap is cleaned with every load.

Know what to wash in the machine – since it is the holiday season, there will be a temptation to toss everything into the washer because you don’t want to do any work. This is very dangerous because certain items should never find their way into the machine. Clothes that have been designated for handwashing such as bras or lingerie should never find their way into the washer. This is because the hooks and the underwire may damage the machine drum or scratch the inside of the door when the machine is the front-loading type.

Don’t overuse dryer sheets – dryer sheets are known to make clothes soft, give them a fresh scent, and remove static cling. However, using many dryer sheets is never recommended. This is because the sheets have a waxy layer that may gum the dryer if they melt. Using too many sheets may also leave a lot of residue on the lint trap, and again, this is not good for the longevity of your machine. If you have to use dryer sheets, clean the lint trap after every use, and occasionally, clean the lint trap with warm sudsy water.

Dishwasher maintenance tips during the holidays

There is always a lot of cooking during the holiday season, and this means that a lot of utensils have to be cleaned. The dishwasher, therefore, is going to be used quite a bit, and if you don’t take necessary precautions, you may end up losing the machine after the holidays or end up spending a lot of money for appliance repair services in Montreal and Laval to rectify damages the dishwasher to repair might have experienced. Here is a brief look at some of the tips that will help you ensure your dishwasher maintains its sanity during the holiday seasons-:

Before starting the dishwasher, ensure to run the garbage disposal so that you can clear the drain. The dishwasher and the sink drain into the same place, and the drain must be clear before you start operations.

  • Load the dishwasher properly – avoid stacking items facing inwards and outwards and always check that the spinning of the arms is not hindered in any way before starting the dishwasher.
  • Run full loads – just like with the washer, running full loads will not only save you water and energy but also will save you time and enhance the longevity of the machine. But while you run full loads, be sure not to pack the dishes too tightly since this may make your dishes to not come out too clean.
  • Run some hot water in the sink before running the dishwasher since you will get better results when the water starts off a bit hot. You can then collect this water and use it to water your plants or for other useful purposes around the home.
  • Listen for any strange sounds – because it is the holidays, don’t be less attentive to the sounds produced by the dishwasher. When the washer is running, always listen carefully and never ignore any strange sounds the machine may be producing. In case of a funny sound, be sure to call appliance repair technicians immediately to have a look. Avoid running the machine until the source of the sound is determined and corrected.

Annual inspection for all appliances

It is highly recommended that you call for an annual inspection of your appliances to ensure that they are in top-notch condition every season. This is how you will learn about potential problems before they become real issues and get the right solution before things become so expensive. This is also the time to have the appliance tuned for minimum power consumption and maximum efficiency.

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