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When winter is approaching, the last thing you want is to have problems with your heating system. The risk of not having a properly functioning HVAC system in the face of winter is too high and not worth taking, especially when you have enough time to prepare before winter. In as much as it may be easy to know when and how a breakdown in your system may happen, there are several things that will help breakdowns from happening or to significantly reduce the chances of them happening. Below is a brief look at some of them:

Call for a professional inspection

The first step in securing your heating system and making it ready for winter is to call a professional HVAC technician for a thorough inspection and essential tune-up. It is through inspections that potential problems will be detected and corrected before a major failure takes place. The professionals already know where to look to ensure that the entire system is in great shape before the cold season begins.

Remember, it is easy to ignore this, but a simple faulty connection of the system’s major electrical component may not just treat you to a few cold winter nights, but may also end up shorting the appliance’s lifespan. The professional will check all components and recommend necessary repairs, including heat pump repair if they think that it may compromise the operation of the system.

Check on the insulation

Throughout the year, the insulation system will gather dirt and dust that if not removed may end up ruining the overall performance of the system, not to mention the potential health ramifications it may have on the family members. Before winter, it is essential that you check the entire insulation, and clean it out to remove all dirt, debris and dust that might have been accumulating over time. Of particular concern should be the heater’s flue which should be in a position to safely and properly lead the exhaust air out and not let it find its way back into the house. Also, check for leaks and gaps in the system, and be sure they are repaired professionally in good time. Ignoring leaks and gaps in the system may cause a loss of heat which will result in an increase of your energy bill.

Invest in a calibrated thermostat to save on the winter heating costs

Another great way to prepare for winter is to invest in a decent thermostat or to spruce up the one you currently have so that it operates properly. Things such as dirt have the potential of interfering with the thermostat’s calibration and this is likely to cause problems on its operation. It is also possible that the switch at the base of the thermostat may malfunction following many months of not being in use. During the inspection by the HVAC technician, have them take a look at the thermometer.  In case of any issues, a replacement should be recommended in good time.

Don’t wait till winter

You will be disappointed if you wait until winter to check if the wall-mounted heat pumps or any other component of your HVAC system is working correctly. A good idea is to have a regular service plan in place so that you can tackle any potential problems before they become a serious concern.

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