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Your air conditioning system is the last appliance you want to break down when the hot summer months come calling. But surprisingly, most air conditioning repair in Blainville requests received by technicians arise from situations that may have been prevented if proper care and maintenance was observed. In this article, we present you with the best thing to do to ensure that your air conditioning is in good condition so that you can easily avoid most repair calls to technicians.

Clear clogged filters

Clogged and dirty filters will block the free flow of air through the system, and this will, in turn, reduce your system’s efficiency. The end result will be less heating or cooling, but with inflated energy bills. It is, therefore, recommended that you clear the filters from time to time, and if you haven’t replaced them in a long time, you should consider replacing them to improve the system’s efficiency. With this, you won’t have to worry about making calls for air conditioning repair in Blainville.

Check the coil fins

The aluminum fins located on the condenser and evaporator may easily bend and hinder the smooth airflow through the condenser. It would be a good idea to invest in a fin comb available in most of the air conditioning shops.  This way, the comb can be used on the fins every time they bend so that they don’t hinder the free flow of air.

Ensure all window seals are working

Leakage through the window seals will cause a loss of energy and put a lot of pressure on the system to work hard so as to compensate for the lost energy. This is why it is recommended that before the start of any cooling season, you should inspect all the window seals to ensure that they are in good condition. In case of any leaks, be sure to call for repair services immediately.

You should also form the habit of letting the system be inspected annually if you want to avoid any problems.

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