Energy consumption is always a concern when it comes to buying and operating a washer. The goal is to get a machine that will give you the best results without making you pay heavy energy bills. But after you purchase the right washer, there are certain things you ought to do to contribute towards helping you save more energy. Presented below are a few tips worth considering if you want to improve the overall efficiency of your washer and save more energy.

Learn to cold wash

Most people prefer to start by heating or warming the water before they begin the washing process. But this is not helping you save energy in any way because the washer uses about 90% of its energy to just heat up the water. Therefore, if you make it a habit of changing the temperature settings from hot to warm, or shifting from warm to cold, you will end up saving up to more than half the energy consumed by your unit.

Line dry

In as much as it is convenient and more comfortable to use the dryer, you can always opt for line drying if you want to save some money on the energy bills. Additionally, line drying your clothes will add to the longevity of your clothes as well as that of your washer so that you won’t have to call for appliance repair Montreal services every now and then.

Go for bigger loads

Did you know that whether you select “super” or “small,” the machine is still going to use the same amount of mechanical energy to get your clothes cleaned? As such, you should take maximum advantage of this and save on energy. Don’t be afraid that by washing larger loads, you may end up damaging the machine which may make you call for North Shore appliance repair.  

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