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Do you ever get stressed over undone tasks? Sometimes the day seems too short to do all the chores that we have listed. And this is why technology has helped us a lot to get our tasks done easier and sooner with the help of gadgets and machines.

Washing machines and dryers are very important in our daily lives. It became too difficult for a working people to do laundry every day or every week manually. So, washing machines and dryers help. What if your dryer has stopped working? Is it worth repairing or should you buy a new one? Keep reading to find out your answers.

Is it better to fix a dryer or buy a new one?

The dryer can cause trouble due to multiple issues. Fixing a dryer can sometimes cost you more than a new dryer. It depends on the issue your dryer is facing whether is it worth repairing or not. You need to seek professional help for that. If it is just a fan belt or thermostat then it is not going to cost much. But if it is something bigger than that then you might need to buy a new one.

Can I fix my dryer myself?

No, it is not a job that can be handled alone, unless you are a technician. Dryer problems are limited because it has a simple structure. It might be the dryer overheating, not heating enough, or not getting started at all. But whatever is it, you should seek professional help instead of doing it yourself. Or you could end up with worse problems.

Avoid DIY dryer repairs:

Beware, don’t be a hero, and try to repair your appliances unless you know how to do it. You should avoid DIY dryer repairs because whatever the dryer problem is, if you start trying to fix it on your own, you are putting yourself and your family in danger. The biggest risk is electrocution. Wrong wire connection, electrical fire, and faulty grounding can cause significant damage to your appliance, and your surroundings and sometimes can be fatal too. Leave all are work to the proffesionals.

We recommend you to contact our professionals to repair your appliances to avoid electric shocks and risks.

Dryer breakdown is always a frustrating experience for many people. The last thing you want is to toss your clothes into the machine and leave it running in hopes that it is operating normally, only for you to come back 20 minutes later to find your clothes still wet. If this hasn’t happened to you, then it is something you may experience in the future if you use dryers. However, as a responsible owner, it pays to know some of the common dryer issues so that you know how to deal with them when they occur. Here is a brief look at some of the most common ones:

The drum is spinning but there is no heat being produced

There are various reasons why the drum may spin with no heat being produced. Before you panic and call for appliance repair in the South Shore, here are the probable culprits:

Bad Fuse – a broken fuse will stop heat from being produced in the dryer. To check if the problem is caused by a bad fuse, simply pull the fuse to see if it is broken. A normal fuse will have continuous wires you can visibly see from inside the glass and you can tell whether or not they are broken. If you see the broken wires, then the fuse is the reason why the dryer is not heating and you will have to replace it. Go to the store and buy a similar replacement.

Problems with the thermostat – the thermostat is needed to regulate the dryer temperature, and if it doesn’t work correctly, then there may be heating problems. To test if the reason for the dryer, not heating is due to the thermostat, set the multimeter to RX1 and press the probe to the terminals. If you get a reading other than zero, then the thermostat has a problem and you may have to replace it. They are normally cheap and you can get them from the stores for just $5.

Faulty line valve for gas dryer – if you are using a gas dryer and you find that the drum is not getting any heat, then you should check the supply line valve as a probable cause. The drum may not be getting any heat if the valve is blocked and you will want to ensure that it is clear and nothing is preventing the free flow of gas.

The dryer cuts off after a short period

Your dryer may abruptly stop working and for most of the cases, this is normally attributed to the thermostat, the thermal fuse or the thermal resistor. When this turns off, the dryer will also stop working.

You can use a voltage meter to check if these parts are okay. Most of the times, a replacement may be necessary. However, if you can’t figure out what might be causing the problem, don’t hesitate to call for appliance repair in Brossard for immediate help.

The dryer is making unusual sounds

A dryer in good working condition should always make a soft humming sound and nothing unusual. If you notice funny noises coming from your dryer, then you should check for the following:

  • Thumping sounds with vibrations – these noises may be heard if the dryer is not on level ground. Check all the legs of the dryer to ensure that they are all on the surface and none is hanging in any way.
  • Items caught in the drums – items caught in the dryer drum such as buttons, clips, and coins may also lead to funny sounds when the machine is in operation. It is so easy for these items to be caught between the drum and the rear or front of the machine. Use a flashlight to inspect the inside of the drum and get rid of such items if you find any. Don’t rush to call dryer repair in Longueuil professionals before inspecting the drum.
  • Clothes balled up or knotted – when clothes get knotted up or balled up in the drum, you are also likely to hear loud thumping sounds coming from the dryer. With such, all you have to do is remove the knotted or balled up clothes and shake them up to loosen them before reloading them onto the dryer.
  • Clicking sounds – this may be normal if you have a gas dryer. It happens when the valves are opening and closing and it should not be any cause for alarm.

The dryer is getting too hot

A overheated dryer is a serious concern and should always be addressed the moment it is noticed. If ignored, you can easily end up losing the dryer and be forced to get a new one. There are two major reasons why your dryer may be getting too hot. The first one is when the vents are clogged. Both the vents on the dryer and those of the house or room where the dryer is placed may be clogged and both are serious concerns. They may not just lead to overheating, but also there is the risk of carbon monoxide build-up inside the house. If you notice overheating, therefore, check the vents and clear them immediately.

If all the vents are clear but the dryer is still overheating, then the reason may be a faulty thermostat or bad heating coils. For such, test them as discussed above, or call for appliance repair South Shore professionals for help.

Clothes are covered with lint

If you notice that your clothes are covered with lint when they come off the dryer, all you need to do is clean the lint screen. When the screen is full, it may not be able to hold more lint, and as such, some may have to stick on your clothes.

Appliance repair services in South Shore

The above are some of the rampant dryer issues which you may not have to call for professional repair services. However, if you doubt on whether or not you can solve them, you will always be safe by calling for professional help. Service Servotech is dedicated to helping you solve all the above issues in South Shore, Brossard, and Longueuil amongst other cities in the region. Don’t suffer the inconveniences of a bad dryer when professionals are just a phone call away. We offer LG, Samsung, Whirlpool and Kenmore dryer repair services.

Call an expert for your clothes dryer repair service.

It’s a laundry Sunday and you have washed your clothes when you realize that your dryer won’t start. A few tries and it finally coughs up and turns on. But it looks like a dryer overheating. What to do? Is it normal? No, it’s not normal. You should turn off your dryer and call an expert if you want it fixed correctly. Service Servotech is at your service whenever you need us.

Don’t let a broken dryer dampen your mood.

We are always here for you in case your dryer is not functioning. Service Servotech has professional technicians that can help you with their valued services for whatever dryer problem you are facing. All you need to do is a call. Do not let your broken dryer dampen your mood because it is not going to do any good. Just reach us and we will be there.

How much does it cost to fix a dryer?

Your dryer problem can cost you as much as the cost of a new dryer. It depends on the issue it is a broken belt, faulty thermostat, or drum issue. But it can averagely cost you some $100 to $400.

We serve you in Montreal, Laval, west island, south shore, and north shore.

If you live anywhere near these places then you have got one of the best dryer repair services on your doorstep. We will come and fix your dryer at your home at affordable prices.

Contact Service Servotech:

Service Servotech works 7 days a week because most people do their laundry on Sunday. And how frustrating it is when you get to know that your dryer is not working when you are trying to do laundry after a whole week. No need to worry, contact the Service servo tech for your dryer problem and we will be there in a blink.

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