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Replacing an HVAC system is a fairly expensive affair, and it is something you should not  approach casually. Before a new installation or replacement, you want to be sure that the investment you are making will have the versatility to serve you conveniently, affordably and for many years to come.

The last thing you want to do is dump thousands of dollars into a system you will need to replace just after a couple of years, or one that will compel a call for appliance repair services in the South Shore every now and then. As such, a lot of vigilance is necessary when replacing your HVAC system, and to help you start on the right foot, here are some of the top questions you have to ask whenever you are thinking of replacing an HVAC system-:

Is energy assessment necessary?

HVAC systems utilize a considerable amount of energy to keep your homes comfortable, especially during extreme temperatures during summer and winter. Without a proper energy assessment, you could end up installing a very efficient system, but will still end up paying hundreds of dollars in energy bills.

An assessment by a professional is necessary to help you identify energy leaks within your home that may be costing you a lot of money in terms of energy bills. Before the installation, an assessment is necessary to not just discover the leaks, but to also check that the home has the right insulation that will enhance the energy efficiency of the system. Never skip energy assessment when thinking of installing a new HVAC system in your home.

What type of system is suitable for my home?

It goes without saying that there are various types of HVAC systems and not all of them are ideal for your home. Your heating and cooling demands will vary considerably depending on a number of factors, and all this must be taken into consideration before a final choice for a HVAC system is made. For example, the type of system you install will depend on the type and size of your home, where you live, your budget, and whether or not you will have to replace the cooling and heating components of your system. You may not be able to figure out all these on your own, and it will be a good idea to seek professional advice on making these choices.

Who will do the replacement?

The choice of who does the replacement of your HVAC system is just as important as the type of system you choose. A good installer or appliance repair professional in Brossard will not just ensure that every system component is installed and works correctly, but will also ensure proper optimization so that you can get the most out of the system. Your ideal installer should have a good reputation and should be ready to give you references you can check to confirm what they are claiming as far as the quality of their services is concerned.

Getting references from friends and family members is always a good starting point, but you have to do the due diligence to ensure that you let only the right professionals do the installation for you. Of most importance, be sure that the installers have the right insurance, bonding and licensing to install the system, and they should readily give you evidence of this should you ask for it. If possible, take some time and check the Better Business Bureau to see if they are listed, and see what kind of reviews they have from past clients.

Do I have sufficient ductwork?

The ductwork is central to the efficiency of the HVAC system, and without efficient and sufficient duct work, you may not benefit even if you install the best HVAC system in the world. Before you commence on the replacement, it is important to inspect the entire ductwork for leaks or dirt buildup since this will cause a loss of energy, thus increasing your heating and cooling costs. A good contractor should help you identify such, and any other issues that may hinder the efficient operation of your system and offer the right solution before you go ahead with the replacement.

Should I have estimates in writing?

When considering an HVAC system repair in St-Laurent never engage a contractor without a written estimate. Ideally, it is recommended that you get estimates from at least three contractors, and carefully go through all the estimates in detail to have a good understanding of what each is offering. Your goal should not be to go for the cheapest contractor, but the one that will offer  a balance between price and the quality of service.

In addition to having the estimates in writing, you should also insist on a signed contract between you and the contractor, detailing the nature of your engagements and timelines, as well as how to resolve any disputes that may arise during the course of your engagement. This may sound like the longest route to hiring a contractor, but it is the best one and will save you from lots of headaches should misunderstandings arise.

What type of maintenance will my system need?

You don’t want to install a system whose maintenance requirements you know nothing about. A great system should give you the best performance without demanding a lot in terms of maintenance. When you have to do a lot of maintenance, you will end up spending a lot of money on appliance repair services and additionally it may also be at a great inconvenience for your entire family.

While you consider your overall budget, therefore, be sure to also include tune up and maintenance costs for that particular system so that you have an overall idea of what it will take to own and maintain the system.

If you need professional help in replacing your HVAC system, Service Servotech is always ready to offer the best services in all of the South Shore. All you have to do is give us a call and we will respond.

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