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There are many reasons why cutting costs on energy bills is something that everyone should consider.  The first benefit and the greatest motivator for many people is saving a few dollars.

However, there is also the need to ease impact on the planet by reducing our carbon footprint through less energy consumption. However, cutting costs should not necessarily imply that you will have to compromise your comfort to endure either cold or hot weather. Outlined below are some ways you can effectively reduce your monthly energy bills while staying comfortable with your central heating system in Laval:

Take advantage of the sun

The sun may not always shine during the colder months, but when it does be sure to open the curtains of south-facing windows to allow more heat into the room.  Though you may not realize it, the warmth from the sun will not be as strong when compared to summer days, but it will still go a long way in reducing the heating expenses of the house.

Lower the thermostat

Lowering the thermostat is a no-brainer when it comes to cutting your home’s energy costs, but not many people actually consider doing it. It is estimated that you can lower your energy bills by up to 10% when you lower your thermostat between 10 and 15 degrees for about eight hours every day. This can be easily achieved when you are out of the house during work hours or when you are sleeping and well bundled inside your warm bedding.

Go smart

Being smart goes hand in hand with lowering your thermostat. Current technology makes it possible to have incredible control over the heating and cooling of your home, especially when you invest in a programmable or smart thermostat. With such gadgets, you can easily control them irrespective of where you are so long as you have access to the internet. You can use them to conveniently customize the heating schedule of your home to conform to your routine. For example, you can lower the thermostat when you are away at work, then raise it back up an hour or two before you leave the workplace, so that the house is warm and toasty by the time you get home.

Take advantage of ceiling fans

It is a fact that homes with good ventilation, that facilitate efficient airflow are usually more energy efficient than those without good ventilation. One way to cut costs and stay warm during the cold months is to take advantage of your ceiling fans, if you have any. For example, let the fans operate in a counterclockwise direction so that hot air is pushed up and then during winter, let them rotate clockwise so that warm air can be trapped inside the room to aid in the warming.

Put on warm clothes

Instead of spending a lot of energy heating rooms during the cold months of winter, you can reduce the heating and bury yourself in warm winter clothes. Take out your favorite warm winter socks and sweaters, and make it a habit of using a blanket even when you are on the couch. As such, you will feel warmer and you will reduce the need to pump more heat into the room from your central heating system in Pointe-Claire and the Montreal area.

Observe annual maintenance of your HVAC system

One of the reasons why people pay huge energy bills is because their heating systems are not operating optimally. For maximum efficiency, regular inspection is necessary for the entire heating system. It is through the inspection that faults will be noted before they turn into major breakdowns. Inspections will also ensure that all components of the central heating system are serviced and ready for use at all times. This is also how you avoid air conditioning repairs, which could have been detected and corrected with a regular inspection.

Learn to heat the rooms you need

If you can learn the discipline of heating only the rooms you need, then you will not only save considerably on your energy bills but you will also reduce the stress on your central heating system which will ultimately reduce the risks of system breakdowns. Both are wonderful avenues for not just saving money on the bills, but also enhancing the longevity of your HVAC system in Laval. For example, if you don’t have guests, then it would be pointless to spend energy heating the guest room.

Service your furnace and clear all the vents

Your furnace must be clean and the vents must be clear if you want to cut costs while staying warm with your central heating system. Most people do neglect their furnaces once the winter is over, but it is proper to have it inspected and cleaned and all the vents cleared every spring so that when winter comes calling, it is ready for use. A dirty furnace will be less efficient and blocked vents will hamper the efficient distribution of heat in all the rooms being heated. The end result with will be increased energy bills, which are completely avoidable.

Invest in the insulation of your house

It is always recommended to carry out a comprehensive energy audit of your home so that you have a good understanding of where you may be gaining or losing energy. Once that is done, you should invest in sealing all the loops that may be responsible for energy loss in your home. Investing in decent insulation may appear expensive in the short run, but it is actually easy and very profitable in the long run. You should start by weather stripping your windows and doors since these are some of the avenues through which a lot of heat is lost from the home.

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