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Homeowners throughout Canada depend on the proper installation of air conditioning units for cooling during the hot months of summer. It is not just about cooling, but they also need to work efficiently to save on energy bills. However, there are certain instances when things don’t seem to be right, and for air conditioners, an indicator that the installation needs to be checked is when you hear strange noises coming from within the unit.

Whenever you hear these noises, you should have a HVAC professional have a look at it as soon as possible to avoid any further damages that might be on the way. Here is a look at some of the common reason why an air conditioning installation may be making strange noises:

Hissing Noises

If your air conditioning installation is giving out a hissing sound, this is a pointer that there may be a leak present somewhere within the unit. For this particular sound to come out, there must be pressure and the spots that need to be checked in the ductwork and the refrigerator coils.

Buzzing Sounds

When the unit has excessive buzzing, this is an indication of an electrical problem, either due to compromised wiring or circuit overload. Buzzing is a very dangerous sign and you should never ignore it for whatever reasons. Should you hear it, you should switch off the unit immediately and call for the services of a professional.

Squealing Noise

Squealing noises may emanate from the air conditioning installation when the fan belt on the motor that connects to the blades is damaged. It gives off a noise that is noise similar to that of a damaged belt in a car’s radiator.

It is imperative to have the unit checked the moment any of these problems are noticed. The longer you wait, the more damage you may do to the unit.

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