dryer repair

What can damage your dryer? What situations could cause your dryer to not heat up and make it necessary for you to search for a dryer repair firm? Let us take a look at the answers to these questions.

What causes damage to your dryer?

Use of Fabric Softener

Fabric softeners and cleaners have chemical compounds in the form of surfactants. These surfactants tend to coat the inside parts such as the moisture sensors, dryer drum, vent system, and the lint screen, resulting in damage to these parts.

Neglected Lint Screen

If the link screen is not cleaned after every use, that can result in several problems. Lint build-up will prevent air movement, which in turn may result in long drying times, overheating, a lot of lint on clothing, and chances of fire.

Overloading of Dryer

Putting in a lot of laundry often results in longer drying times, your clothes will also come out wrinkled, the dryer will get overheated, and there will be a risk of fire.

Dryer Kept on an Unleveled Surface

If the dryer is kept over an unleveled surface then it will start vibrating, make noise, and eventually get damaged.

Hose Not Cleaned Regularly

If the hose is not cleaned on a regular basis then it can cause longer dry times and the risk of overheating and fire will increase. Similarly, you will have to face problems if the hose is collapsed or kinked.

What are the situations where the dryer will not heat?

A few of the common reasons why your electric dryer is not generating heat are:

  • It could be that the thermal fuse is not properly connected and it has been overheated.
  • In case you have a gas dryer, the radiant sensor is not triggering the coils of the valve to start up.
  • It could be that the dryer igniter burned out or broke.
  • Over time, the heating elements may well burn out, resulting in a dryer that does not heat up.
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