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Regular fridge repair calls will not only be very costly in the long run, but will also shorten the lifespan and quality of the appliance.  But there are a few things you can do without involving any experts to ensure your fridge works well most of the time, helping you with making the least number of calls to the South Shore Appliance Repair Technicians.

They include the following:

Clean the Coils

With time, dirt and dust will build up on the coils, and these will reduce the free flow of air, making the fridge become less efficient and consume a lot of energy. It can also cause the condenser and the compressor fan to overwork and overheat, leading to premature failure of the unit. To avoid all these, simply clean the coils regularly and ensure they are free from dirt, dust and any other kind of debris.

Clean the Gaskets

Clean gaskets will ensure proper sealing of the fridge and will enhance the overall lifespan of the unit. Additionally, it will make the unit more efficient and save you from huge energy bills because there will be minimal energy loss. Simply use warm water and a soft piece of sponge to clean the gasket on a regular basis so that you don’t suffer from unnecessary fridge repair costs brought on by dirty gaskets.

Don’t Slam Fridge Doors

Slamming fridge doors is a sure way to ruin your unit within a very short time. Door slamming may interfere with the unit’s circuitry – a service that will cause you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Additionally, slamming the door may cause the gasket to hold too tightly to the unit and may tear up when you attempt to open the unit again. It doesn’t require a lot to be gentle on the unit’s door when opening or closing.

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