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If you want to avoid lots of washer repair calls, then you have to learn how to not just use your washers the right way, but also take good care of them. Suggested below are a few maintenance tips you can use to ensure that your front-load washing machine is in good state and not prone to breakdowns:

Use detergents for High-Efficiency Machines

With a front-load washing machine, you should always use detergents formulated for high-efficiency machines and be sure to not use a lot of it. This is because the regular detergents will lead to the production of more suds, and with time, can lead to a buildup of film in the hoses and drums, creating the perfect conditions for mold propagation.

Remove finished loads immediately

Never allow damp clothes to sit in the machine once the washing is done as this will create optimal conditions for the growth of mildew, as well as musty smells.

Do not use fabric softeners

Though you may like them, the use of fabric softeners is not recommended for front-load washing machines. This is because these machines naturally use less water, so there is no need to overload it with lots of detergent.

Schedule monthly cleaning sessions

If you want to avoid many washer repair calls, then it is highly recommended that you schedule monthly cleaning sessions for the washer. During such sessions, you let the machine run in the hottest cycle with a solution of distilled white vinegar, and baking soda in the dispenser.

Clean the drain pump filters every two weeks

You should never wait until you notice problems with the drain pump filters before you think about cleaning them. With regular use, the drain pump filters can get clogged with fabric, hair, and other tiny debris which will make it drain water sluggishly, and if not checked at the right time, it could lead to a completel breakdown of the drain system.

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