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By adapting to poor air conditioning habits, many homeowners end up not only spending fortunes on the energy bills, but also make endless calls to air conditioner repair technicians for repairs and maintenance which could have been avoided. If you want to have the peace of mind and enjoy using your air conditioner, there are certain things you must never do, or subject your units to.

Here is a look at some of what constitute air conditioning sins, and which you must avoid at all costs-:

Purchasing too big an air conditioner unit

It is not true that the bigger the air conditioner, then the better the performance, and consequently the better results. An oversized unit will not be effective in generating uniform temperature. Additionally, oversized units usually register inefficient operations due to cycling on and off too fast. Always get a unit that is properly sized for your home and your cooling requirements. Air conditioning repair and maintenance experts can help you with that.

Positioning the air conditioner in a hot spot

Positioning the air conditioner on the southwest side of the house may sound convenient, but at such a place, it will be exposed to direct sunlight. In turn, it will get a lot of heat, thus being forced to work extra hard to give the desired cooling effect. An ideal spot would be on a shady place on the north or the east side of the house where it will be exposed to less direct sunlight and heat.

Ignoring maintenance

Most homeowners are guilty of this, and it is the cause of constant breakdowns and never ending calls to air conditioner repair technicians. Regular service and maintenance will avert major breakdowns, make the units more efficient and save you a lot of money in both repair costs and energy bills.

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