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Did you know that air conditioning installation can give you a cold? Well, this is not true. It is just one of the myths lots of people have believed in for so long. Cold are not caused by the cold air generated by the air conditioners, but by viruses. Therefore, don’t be afraid of using air conditioners because you think they will make you fall ill with a cold.

Here are a few other myths about air conditioners:

Turning the AC off when you are away from home will save you money

Or you should set the unit at a higher temperature when you are away and take it back to the normal temperature when you come back. These statements are wrong in both occasions. When you leave the AC off when leaving the house, it will have to work harder within a short time to bring the room to the desired temperature when you set it on upon coming back into the house.

The same is also the case when you set higher temperatures when you are leaving. Again when you come back, the unit will be stressed to cool down the room. Therefore, there is no difference between turning off or setting higher temperatures in this context.

The air conditioner will not do a lot of work if the ceiling fans are turned on

This is entirely false. The work of the ceiling fan is to circulate air within the room, but the work of the air conditioner is to cool the room. Using a ceiling fan is only beneficial when you use an AC to cool a large room, and then the fan is used to circulate the breeze. But it doesn’t mean that the air conditioner will have to work less in terms of energy usage if the fan is turned on.

Leaving the thermostat at the same temperature at all times will save you money

Again, this is just another myth. Perhaps what you need to do is get a programmable thermostat that will let the house warm up when you leave the house and start cooling when you are back at home. Ideally, this will be just for convenience, but not that you will get a chance to save a lot on your energy bills.

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