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Fans keep rooms cooler

The work of a fan is to move air around the room, and to create what is known as a wind-chill effect. Fans do not affect the temperature of the air in the room. The wind generated by the fan transfers heat from your body to the air, and this is how the wind-chill effect comes about. The wind also helps sweat on your body to evaporate faster.

Air conditioners only cool the air in the room

Just as the name suggests, an air conditioner conditions the air, meaning that in addition to cooling the air, it also removes excess humidity from the air at the same time. There are some air conditioning installation which come with dehumidification functions that are extremely beneficial during muggy days.

Upgrading to a better air conditioner will give better results

This is not necessarily true and it should not be your only guiding factor when you want to get a new unit for your home. There are lots of factors that go into consideration when purchasing a new unit, with the major ones being the SEER rating of the unit, your home’s heat-load and energy efficiency. You need a professional air conditioning expert to help you make the right choice when buying a new unit.

If you want to cool the house faster, simply lower the thermostat

The working of an air conditioner towards a certain set temperature is usually at a consistent rate. If you lower the thermostat drastically, the unit will still operate at a constant rate, to mean that the cooling will also be at a constant rate, only that you will be wasting a lot of energy during the process.

The air filters are not very important

The air filters are very important because they act like a sieve for the air going through the system. They must be cleaned occasionally to remove the buildup of dirt, dust and other debris that may block them and hinder the free movement of air.

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