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Regular service and maintenance is important if you want your air conditioning unit to work without issues. It is regrettable that some homeowners completely neglect their units, until they break down completely that they call for air conditioning repair and maintenance services.

Outlined below are a few air condition servicing mistakes you must always avoid if you want the best performance from your unit-:

Failing to change or clean the air filters

With time, the air filters get clogged with dirt, dust and debris, leading to poor flow of air within the system. Clogged filters may also freeze the air conditioner’s evaporator coil, leading to more problems. Air conditioning repair experts recommend that the filters should be cleaned at least once every three to four months.

Failure to service the unit annually

There is a reason why HVAC and air conditioning repair experts recommend annual maintenance and repair services for the units. This is the time to prime them and get them ready to work all through the year. Potential problems come to light during these scheduled maintenances and the experts will advise if there are any parts which need replacing or more attention. If you miss this crucial practice, you are essentially setting up the unit to fail at some point during the year.

Cooling empty rooms

If there are air conditioning vents open in every room of the house, including those that you don’t use on a daily basis, you will be cooling a lot of space you could not be using on regular basis. You will not just be spending a lot of energy on empty spaces, but you will also be wearing out the system components. Always ensure that the AC is working only in rooms you need it to work in. Venta in rooms you are not using must be shut down.

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