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Have you ever made a call to your air conditioning expert and while you try to explain what the problem with your unit is, you hear them make reference or use terms that sounds completely strange to you? You may have heard of terms such as SEER, modulation, and heat pump amongst others and you wondered what exactly they meant.

Well, such are very simple terms, with simple meanings, and here are the top terms you ought to know as far as air conditioning installation, and repair is concerned:

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, abbreviated as SEER, is a metric used to measure the efficiency of an air conditioning system. The higher the ratio, the more efficient the unit and the cheaper it will be to operate. The recommended SEER rating for most system produced today is 13SEER, but this should not be the only factor to consider if you need to replace your unit or you desire to purchase a new one. Always contact an air conditioning technician for the right expert advice.


Modulation in air conditioning refers to the process of varying the amount of energy used in powering the air conditioning unit. For example, there are certain instances when you felt too warm when the air conditioner kicked off or you felt as if the entire house is freezing when the unit was on. This is due to modulation, and if the system is well modulated, there will always be an even temperature and you will never have to feel such variations.

Heat Pump

In simple and literal meaning, a heat pump is what is used to pull heat inside the home and dump it outside depending on the desired temperatures. It is basically at the core of heat transfer of the air conditioners in the present times, as using them have proved to be cheaper and more efficient compared to using a refrigerant cooling system which was rampant with older air conditioner models.

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