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The fact that you don’t have the knowledge for air conditioning repair, and that you can always call a technician, should not exempt you from learning about the units and their operations. This is how you will become more adept at maintaining them, and also reduce the chances of being scammed by fake air conditioner repair experts.

In order to help you out, here is a brief look at some of the crucial parts of the air conditioner every homeowner should know:

The air compressor

The air compressor is like the heart of the air conditioner. Its function is to pump gas and aid in the overall performance of the unit. If the compressor is damaged for any reason, it will be impossible for the unit to cool the rooms effectively.

The condenser

The condenser is the second most important part of the air conditioner after the compressor. It is a type of heat exchanger whose main function is to release the heat in the gas. It is made of hollow tubes, which contain a hot and high pressure gas which enters the unit as part of the cooling process.


Filters in the air conditioner help in “breathing” clean air into the rooms being cooled by the air conditioner. The work of the filters are to arrest dust particles and any other debris present in the air being blown into the rooms by the units.


This is a form of a sensor used to set the desired temperatures in the air conditioning units. Once the temperature is set, the air conditioner will continue to cool or to warm the room until the set temperature is reached, after which it will maintain the temperature.


The mufflers control the sounds generated by the compressor when the unit is on. Without the mufflers, the original sound of the compressor may not just be loud, but also very annoying. The muffler is the part responsible for quietening the operations of the AC so that we can enjoy peaceful indoor environments.


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