Appliance warranties are in place to help you fix, repair or replace your appliances at no cost. But for this to happen, the warranty must still be valid, and the validity of warranties will depend on many factors, and typically will vary from one appliance to another.

It is, however, sad that most people fail to maximize the warranties and end up paying expensive appliance repair cost when they could have avoided them. Be careful not to fall victim to this. If you are wondering if your appliance is still under warranty, here is how you can know:

Consider general warranty periods

Most appliance manufacturers offer warranties of at least one year. If you buy a new appliance and it breaks down after three weeks, the warranty will most certainly be valid. Simply call the manufacturer to make an inquiry.

Check the receipt or user manual

If you have had your appliance over one year, it is possible that it may have extended warranties or other forms of insurance, depending on the specific appliance. The best place for you to find out, is the receipt or user manual. This is why you should keep the receipt or the user manual for as long as you still have the appliance.

Contact the retailer

Other than the manufacturer, the retailers will also have warranty information of the appliances they are selling. Contacting them is especially important when you can’t find the receipt of the user manual. They will advise you if your appliance is still under the warranty period so that you don’t spend your money on appliance repair.

Credit card consumer protection package

If you bought your appliance using a credit card, for such purchases, most of the credit card companies usually offer free extended warranties of up to one year after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. This is part of the consumer protection package. Just call the credit card company to determine whether such a warranty is available, and if it is still valid.

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