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Damaged gaskets are usually one of the common reasons for fridge repair calls. The gasket works by helping to create a vacuum necessary for making the seals air-tight to create a barrier needed to cool the inside of the fridge and the freezer.

The gasket is generally along the edges of the door, and if it is compromised in any way, the cooling capacity of the refrigerator will also be compromised. Dirt is one of the things that can ruin this critical component of your fridge, and here is how you can keep it clean:

Prepare the cleaning solution

The recommended cleaning solution by General Electric is one quart of warm water mixed with one tablespoon of baking soda. If you can’t afford to make this mixture, then you can still use a solution of warm water and mild soap or any other cleaner recommended by the appliance’s manufacturer.

Gently wipe the gasket

Wrap a microfiber cloth on a toothbrush, then dip it into the solution. After the wrapped end is well soaked with the detergent, gently wipe down the gasket. This will help you remove all the dirt, residue, mold, mildew, and also help in reducing any odors that might have been developing along the gasket. By removing all this dirt and debris, you make it easier for the gaskets to remain sealed when the door is closed, thus aiding in the efficiency of the unit.

Dry the gasket

After removing all the dirt and debris, take a soft kitchen towel and dry off any water that might still be on the gaskets. Once dry, take your time to check the seals for any breakages or tears, as this might hamper the smooth operation of the unit. If you notice any sign of degradation, call for appliance repair professionals immediately, to have the damaged seal replaced.

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