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It is essential to clean your refrigerator coils for the smooth operation of the unit. Dirt and debris usually accumulates on the coils, and if these are not removed, they will significantly hamper the efficiency of the refrigerator.

This is because the coils compress and cool the refrigerant, which in turn ensures that cold air is supplied to the components to keep the stored food fresh. The good news is that cleaning the coils is quite easy, and it is not something you will have to call an appliance repair technician to do for you.

How to clean the coils

Before you start the actual cleaning process, it is a good idea to unplug the refrigerator from the power source to avoid any electrocution or any other related accidents.

Then you need to identify where the coils are. In most cases, at the bottom of the rear of the refrigerator or in front below the front door. If they are located at the back of the fridge, you will have to roll over the unit away from the wall, and check for horizontal lines of the grille vents. Unsnap the grille vent so that you have access to the coils.

With the grille out of the way, you will see thin metal bars spaced about one inch apart. Those are the coils you are supposed to clean in the following steps:

  1. Remove the debris – use a soft bristle brush to remove all the dirt and debris that might be present on the coils. To do so, use gentle horizontal and vertical motion. There are special brushes in appliance stores for doing this type of job, but any paintbrush or rag will just work fine.
  2. Vacuum the debris – After removing the buildup, use a vacuum’s detachable hose or a dust buster to pick up and remove dust.
  3. Reattach the grille, return the unit to its rightful position, and then plug it back in.

That is how you clean the refrigerator coils the right way so that the fridge can work more efficiently, and to avoid regular appliance repair calls.

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