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Our daily lives have been made easier with the help of advanced technology. Everything that needed to be done manually has the option to be done easily with the help of gadgets. But at the stance where all this machinery has made our lives easier, it takes so little to get us frustrated when any of these appliances stop working.

A humidifier keeps your place humid when you feel dryness in the atmosphere. Although it makes your life easy, an electric humidifier can stop working for several reasons. You don’t need to panic whenever your appliances break down at the wrong time, you can just give a call to Service Servotech.

What to do when your humidifier stops working?

If your humidifier has stopped working then there could be two main reasons:

Low water level

If your humidifier no longer steams, check the water level. If the water level in your humidifier is too low or the tank is empty then your humidifier will turn off automatically. Fill the tank up again and your humidifier will start making steam.

Clogged filter

The second most common reason could be improper cleaning. The filter of the humidifier gets clogged due to insufficient or improper cleaning. You just need to change the filter and it will be good to go.

Main issues why your humidifier does not work properly:

We have discussed the two most common issues, but there could be a few more things to check out when your humidifier stops working. There could be the following issues:

No water:

Check if the water reservoir is empty and simply refill it. And your humidifier should start working.

Power check:

If you feel like my humidifier is no longer steaming, then it could be something as simple as a power outage. So, get it plugged in and see if it’s working or not.


Water leakage might be the reason that your humidifier is not making enough steam. But it could be dangerous if you cannot find where water is puddling up. Always make sure to unplug the humidifier before you check the leakage.


Dirt and other debris are the reason for the blocked spray of your humidifier. Clean it up and try again.

Just like any other appliance, you may run into some problem requiring troubleshooting with your humidifier. The most pronounced problems are that they do not work at all, or they work but don’t do a good job humidifying the room. Listed below are some of the common problems, and what you need to do, should you encounter any of them:

No vapor coming from the humidifier

If the humidifier is not producing any vapor, then it is probable that certain solid components are blocking the nozzle responsible for producing the vapor. To deal with this problem, you will have to open up the top of the unit to access the tubes below, so that you can remove any solid materials that might be blocking the nozzles. It is a simple thing you can do on your own.

Humidifier not working

When the humidifier isn’t running, then it implies that it is not connected to the source of power or the controls have automatically shut it off. To troubleshoot this problem, ensure that the unit is properly connected to the electric supply and that the settings are okay, with the reservoir full of water. If after all this, it still doesn’t work, then you may have to call an appliance expert for the necessary humidifier repair service.

The humidifier is working, but not properly

If the unit isn’t doing a good job or isn’t running smoothly, it may be that it is undersized for the room it was supposed to serve or a lot of air could be escaping from the room. Check out the following as the diagnostics for this particular problem:

  • Confirm that your unit’s specs can handle the room where you are using it
  • Ensure doors and windows are all closed
  • Remove anything that might be blocking the unit, such as curtains
  • Clean the unit according to the user guide
  • Ensure there is enough water in the reservoir

If after running the diagnostics above the unit still is not working properly, call for humidifier repair services from a reputable appliance repair technician.

Can I fix my humidifier myself?

If your humidifier no longer steams and you have checked your humidifier for the issues mentioned above and it still doesn’t work properly, then you better call for professional help. Service Servotech will be at your doorstep if you require any appliance repair service.

Avoid DIY humidifier repairs:

If you think that you are good at DIY and you prefer doing everything yourself, its still not the best idea. When it comes to electric appliances, you have to be traidetto fix them by yourself. And if you are not, then please don’t try DIY repairs on your humidifier, or any other appliances. You could put yourself and your family in danger in case anything goes wrong. So it is better to spend a little money on a repair service company like Service Servotech who serves you better and costs you less.

Professional maintenance for any problem with the humidifier:

Are you stressed about why my humidifier is no longer steaming? Don’t worry; if your humidifier is being funny and causing you trouble, then it might be the right time for professional maintenance. Call Service Servotech if you want your humidifier to be as good as new.

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