Washer Door Not Closing

We recommend you to contact our professionals to repair your appliances to avoid electric shocks and risks.

One of the most common washer repair service calls generally involves the door not closing. It is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous to attempt to operate a washer when the door can’t close properly. A number of reasons may be responsible for faulty washer doors, and before you make the call to your repair technicians, take note of the following:

Broken or fallen latches

This is the number one cause of most difficulties closing washer doors. Visually inspect the latches to confirm that there is no debris coming in the way of closing. In case of dirt and debris, be sure to clean accordingly before trying to close again. If the latches are broken, you will have to call a washer repair technician for a replacement.

Broken or dirty Gaskets

Most current washers come fitted with rubberized seals to contain the water inside, once the door is closed. These gaskets may sometimes crack, break or get dirty, and this will make it difficult to close the doors smoothly. Just like with the latches, you should carry out a visual inspection of the seals, and ensure they are all intact, and in case of any dirt, be sure to clean and remove all the debris. Unless you have a leak, it may be very difficult to detect broken gaskets in the absence of thorough visual inspection.

Problems with the installation

Your washer door may also bring about issues, due to problematic installation. For proper operations, the washer should be placed on level ground, so as to function properly. If this is not done, the vibrations that come with the washing cycles may cause the machine to shift slightly, and depending on the model of the washer, that slight shift may be sufficient to prevent the door from closing properly.

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