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If you have a faulty washer, then you will be compelled to make lots of calls to your repair technician for washer repair services. But it is important to note that most washer breakdowns can be avoided and it is possible to have your washer working in great condition with little maintenance all year round. If you are wondering how, here are some of the necessary precautions you should take:

Make a habit of emptying the pockets of all the clothes

Before tossing any cloth into the washer, be sure to check the pockets and ascertain they are all empty. Most of the damages occasioned on the washer are normally due to items left in the pockets, including coins, papers, pens, pencils, and other small items. These must never be allowed to access the washer.

Don’t use plastic covered soap in the machine

This is because plastic does not dissolve and may cause the machine to clog, necessitating service calls to your washer repair technician.

Inspect all items that go into the machine

In addition to emptying the pockets of the clothes you toss into the washer, also take a keen look at them and prepare them for the washer. For instance, you can shake out the mud and prewash extra dirty stains so that you reduce the amount of work the boiler has to do. This will not just help prolong the life of the boiler, but will also save you a lot of money on energy bills.

Install a surge protector in your home

If your unit was bought prior to 2005, then it is advisable to install a surge protector in your home. Later versions are fitted with control boards to regulate the flow of current in instances when there is a surge in electricity. With them, you won’t need any surge protector.

Yearly maintenance

Finally, it is vital to have your washer and dryer inspected and serviced on an annual basis if you don’t want to want to get stuck making multiple service calls for washer repair throughout the year.

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