When you make the decision to buy a new refrigerator, you should focus on the long term and choose a unit that will serve you for many years to come. The last thing you want is to spend your hard earned cash on unit that will force you to start calling for appliance repair services after just a few years of usage.

Here are some simple, but powerful tips to help you choose your next fridge:

Don’t base your decision on features

Refrigerator manufacturers know that you love features and they will include as many as they possibly can so that you pay a premium. If you base your purchase decisions on features, you may end up buying an expensive unit with features you will never use. Unless you have the budget, choose the fridge based on convenience and not the number of features it has.

Number of years in production

Aim at buying a refrigerator model that has been in production for a number of years. This is an indication that the model has stood the test of time and is likely to serve you conveniently without worrying about constantly calling for fridge repair services every now and then.

Check out the doors and the drawer

Choose a new refrigerator with sturdy doors and drawers. The doors should close well and the rubber seals should not allow for the escape of energy. You can do the dollar test to find out how good the door seals. Additionally, the doors should be strong enough, and not be susceptible to breaking, should your young kid attempt to hang on them.

Consider the types of food you store in the refrigerator

You should buy a refrigerator whose components will fit the kinds of foods you normally store. For instance, if you are fond of storing groceries, then it should be spacious enough to let you store the groceries properly. If you are buying a unit to store drinks, the compartments should also be designed accordingly.

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