There are quite a number of reasons why your refrigerator may suddenly stop working. It is not always that the problem is a major one and sometimes diagnosing the problem yourself may be the difference giving it a quick DIY fix and you spending a lot of money on unnecessary repairs. Here are some of the ways you can diagnose a dead fridge before you make that call for fridge repair services in Laval.

Check to see if the power code is plugged in the right way

Your fridge may not start when it is not connected to the power or there is a problem with the connection. Check the electrical code to see if there is any damage or the wires are exposed in any way. If the code was not plugged in the right way, simply plug it back and power on the refrigerator, but if it contains lots of damage, don’t put it back, and call your electrician for repairs.

Try connecting the refrigerator without the extension

In case you were using an extension cord to connect the fridge to the power supply, remove the extension cord and connect the fridge directly to the power source. If is powers on, then the extension cord may be experiencing a problem and will need to be replaced.

Try another appliance within close proximity to the fridge

Try plugging another appliance to the same outlet as the fridge and see if the appliance is working. This will confirm that the power source is okay and perhaps something is wrong with the unit. You can also try to plug the fridge in another power outlet and see if it will power on. If it doesn’t, then it is experiencing a problem and unfortunately, a fridge repair service call will be inevitable.

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