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Washer Repair

Prevent Washer Service Calls in the South Shore with These Tips

By July 21, 2017October 19th, 2020No Comments

Lots of washer repair service calls may soon result in spending a fortune on washer repair services in the South Shore. However, there are certain DIY techniques you can use to troubleshoot your washer in case it is experiencing certain issues, and these will go a long way in helping you reduce the stress and the number of times repair technicians come to your home.

Washer is plugged in but it is not working

If you have your washer plugged in the right manner, yet it is not working, you should check the central home electrical box to see if the fuse is in good shape. This problem is normally caused by a blown out fuse and your washer may be in a very perfect state. Simply replace the fuse and turn on the washer. If the problem persists, call the electrician to have a look at the connection.

No water coming in

Check to see if the valves are open. There are some models that won’t allow the water to flow unless both the cold and the hot inlets are open. If your model is of this type, be sure to open all the valves, and if the water is coming in slowly, simply open the valves more to increase the flow. You don’t need to call a washer repair technician to have a look at your washer to resolve this issue.

Loud noises from the washer

Loud noises from the washer are normally the result of improper loading. To prevent this, always ensure proper loading at all times, and you should also avoid loading on just one side of the central agitator.

Washer making weird noise

If you hear humming, gurgling or clicking sounds from the washer, the likely problem could be that there are objects caught in the drum or in the central mechanisms, the drains are clogged, or problems with the internal sensors. A simple cleaning should resolve this problem but if you get a screeching or squealing noise, then it may be something serious and you have to call washer repair technicians in the South Shore.

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