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Fridge Repair

Top Tips to Increase the Lifespan of Your Fridge

By May 12, 2017October 19th, 2020No Comments

The lifespan of a normal refrigerator is 13 years, but this could be prolonged or at least you can avoid making multiple phone calls to your fridge repair technicians if you ensure proper maintenance and care. A fridge is an expensive home appliance, and you should always take all the necessary steps to avoid constant breakdowns and to help you do so, here are some vital tips:

Keep the fridge clean at all times

One of the best tips to enhance the longevity of your fridge is to keep it clean at all times. This implies that you should clean it on a regular basis and ensure spilt liquids or foods are wiped away immediately. By keeping the refrigerator clean, you won’t just enhance its lifespan, but you will also do away with objectionable smells it may produce when it is dirty.

Don’t overload or let the fridge stay empty

The fridge should be loaded appropriately all the times. You should avoid stuffing it since for its optimum operation, proper air circulation is necessary inside the unit. When the fridge is full of stuff, air circulation will be hampered and there will be a heavy load on the compressor and this might lead to a breakdown. When it is empty on the other hand, the compressor will still be overloaded since the fridge will work harder to achieve optimal cooling.

Don’t place the refrigerator near a source of heat

If the refrigerator is placed near a source of heat or in a poorly ventilated space, the cooling effects of the refrigerator will be affected and this will overwork the compressor, making it vulnerable to a breakdown. You should also avoid placing stuff like boxes on top of the fridge because this will trap air inside, and the overall cooling effects will be minimized.

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